Letters to the editor

Wow! What a great idea. I'm going to open a new business.

I'm going to open a financial institution, lending money to people who can't afford to pay it back. I'll pay myself millions a year in salary.

Then when I'm flat broke and can no longer stay in business, thanks to our representatives in Washington, you taxpayers will give it all back to me.

Now, all I need is for some of you taxpayers to lend me the money to get started. — Walt Petitt, Eagle Point

Thank you for addressing one of the most basic yet important social issues of our culture, community, and children, when you published the article about homeless teens in Jackson County. This important issue should concern people of all races, gender, age and social status.

The fact that Jackson County was listed among the top percentages of homeless youth in Oregon should alarm us all. As a community, supporting any organization that would serve this vulnerable population would benefit us now and in the long run. Helping these teens find safe placements would keep them off the streets, and in contact with professionals who could assist with medical needs, emotional needs, as well as nourish them with healthy meals, and a good, safe night's sleep.

For whatever reason these youth wind up homeless — providing support, guidance and counsel is a benefit to the community as a whole. We are talking about our future council members, business owners, caregivers and mentors. Three cheers for Kevin Lamson and Hearts with a Mission for taking on this challenging need. — Fern Helle, Medford

A recent survey, reported in the Mail Tribune and elsewhere, revealed that many white Americans continue to harbor prejudicial attitudes toward African-Americans as a group. While undeniably true, the survey failed to point out that white America now makes exceptions for those African-Americans whose extraordinary talent and perseverance has lifted them far above the entrenched stereotypes. At that point, the generalized prejudice no longer applies.

Bill Cosby, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey and the late 60 Minutes journalist Ed Bradley certainly fall into that group of exceptions. Come November, we could find that white America has made that same exception for Barack Obama. — Bruce Borgerson, Ashland

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