Letters to the editor

As a 25-year veteran of advising distressed businesses, I can say that the proposed government bailout of failed lenders is a huge mistake. If the government wants to shore up the depressed real estate market, then it might consider lending $700 billion for new loans only.

In bank failures, the FDIC assumes ownership of the bad loans for no cost, but in this proposed bailout package the government buys them for no good reason. — Conde Cox, Jacksonville

If the Barnett Road crossing is so unsafe, why didn't the bicyclist on the front page of Monday's paper go to the obviously nearby traffic light? Looks like hikers could do the same, thereby rendering it much safer than jaywalking/cycling. Just wondering? — Z. Monical, Montague, Calif.

Concerning the press and broadcast media: All news sources and those that broadcast the news should be required by law to add an R or a D, or I-R, or I-D at the start of all written articles and all broadcasters that have shows that speak to any form of politics.

All news persons on TV would have a letter next to their person, R is for registered Republican, D is for registered Democrat, I-R is registered Independent that leans Republican, and I-D is a registered Independent that leans Democrat. There is no strong third party, therefore all news people fit into a group above.

We as the public need to know how the news is being slanted, we know the news is biased, news information from those that produce the news we consume depends a great deal on which party they are associated with. We need to know how the news we get is being filtered or altered by people, some using half-truths, misinformation, and some actually tell lies. This is not censorship, it does not stop people from giving information in what is written or said, it only defines what the source of information is based on. — Charles Olsen, Central Point

The government wants you to believe there are only 20 million illegals in our country. I've heard this same number for 10 years.

I find that hard to believe.

Let's suppose there are only 2 million illegals coming into America every year because of our open borders policies.

Easy multiplication indicates there have been 14 million illegals entering the country since 9/11.

Now let's say 1/100 of 1 percent of the illegals are terrorists, intent on butchering Americans.

That means there are 1,400 terrorists in this country since 9/11/01 — 1,400 terrorists! Unbelievable! Look what 19 terrorists did on 9/11.

We keep hearing talk of the illegals leaving the country because of poor employment opportunities. I guarantee the terrorists are not going home as they have plenty of opportunities.

I feel Bush should be held accountable . . . scary numbers. — Charles H. Johnson, Gold Hill

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