Planting pheasants for hunters violates all fair chase hunting ethics and violates state statutes prohibiting release of non-native wildlife and canned-hunt laws.

These captive-raised birds, never been out of a pen, are let loose during the night to meet shotguns and dogs in the morning. This is not hunting, it's slaughter, and the equivalent of going into a chicken pen and blasting away. This double standard should be outlawed. — S. Mackler, Jacksonville

The writer of the Sept. 15 letter "A nation of idiots" states that all around us we hear of people falling on hard times and that they were not prepared for them. How does the writer know this?

Maybe they planned for it or saw it coming and set aside extra to see them through. Many people do see the long-term impact of their small buying decisions.

Who are these people who can't afford child care or car payments, yet still go to clubs, buy clothes, tattoos, eat out and buy fancy coffee every day? Well, maybe this type of spending is a necessity to them. I do all of the above activities, although not as often as I used to. But when I do, I know for a fact that I'm helping to turn around the economy. That's why I do it!

If everyone did as the writer suggests, many, many employees would no longer be needed. How does that help the economy? So come on all you idiots, get out there and support your economic communities. — Harvey L. Foster, Medford

Where is the equity in our judicial system? Consider these cases:

Aa man accidentally shoots his friend with a bow and arrow. He immediately calls for help, but the friend dies from his injuries. He is looking at serving a mandatory 10 years in prison.

In contrast, a woman intentionally and repeatedly beats up her helpless baby and toddler until she eventually kills the toddler. Reportedly, "Both children were covered in bruises and had black eyes ..."

One can only imagine the fear and pain that comprised the daily nightmare these little ones knew as "life." These kids endured brutal physical and emotional abuse inflicted upon them by the most important person in their lives. For these atrocities, the mother (this term is used loosely) is serving 31/2; years in prison.

The boyfriend involved in this tragic case was convicted of a bank robbery where no one was killed or injured. His sentence of 50 months in prison, five years of parole, and $2,000 in fines is far greater than the punishment this woman is receiving for beating and killing her son.

If this were not so profoundly sad, this sentence for Trisha Torresan would be laughable. — Vicki H. Johnson, Medford


Wrong district

Keith Wangle is a candidate for state representative in House District 4. The headline on a letter in Sunday's paper was in error.

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