I don't know if anyone else is as fed up as I am with all the rerun TV ads that I call the Smith-Merkley blame saga.

I don't know what the TV spots cost, but I do know it's not cheap. We all know their faults, so why do they have to say it over and over? If they have all that money to spend, why not fund libraries, schools, food pantries, etc., etc. Enough is enough. — Jerry Girard, Medford

I see by your letters I'm not the only one who has had enough of political ads. Unfortunately, both the Republican and Democratic National Committees have labeled Gordon Smith's Senate seat "vulnerable." In addition, Oregon is a "battleground" state. Just wait — you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Of the current crop, two interest me. The one having Jeff Merkley state, "tax hikes every night," reminds me of the punch-line to an old dirty joke. The other, one of Smith's "furniture" ads. In it, we are told of a matching hutch, credenza and wardrobe. On a recent stay in Portland, I never saw this ad, as I suppose the sophisticates up north have a hutch, credenza and wardrobe. I guess the people responsible for this ad assume even we unsophisticated, rural rubes know what a hutch is, but a credenza or wardrobe is beyond us.

I must quit typing now, as my hounds just treed a possum. While I get the flintlock out of the credenza, tell granny to get the pot out of the wardrobe and get it to boiling, victuals are on their way down. — Matthew Morey, Shady Cove

The editorial from the Daily Astorian reprinted in the Mail Tribune on Aug. 23 stated weeds were killed by Malathion. Malathion is a pesticide, not an herbicide, and controls, safely and effectively, insects not weeds.

By the way, most controls are safe and effective when used according to the label. Unfortunately, some homeowners seem to believe that doubling the label amount makes the product twice as effective. In certain cases it may reduce the effectiveness.

As to bona fides, I owned several lawn-care companies in Colorado with over 3,500 customers. We also provided right of way and other noxious weed and pest control. I was founding president of the Colorado Association of Lawn Care Professionals, licensed by state and federal entities and, the first company to experiment with the effectiveness of Roundup (glyphosate), under the auspices of Colorado State University. — Pierce Kibbey, Central Point

Regarding your report on the visitors from Arao City, Japan, I just want the people of Medford to know that your elected officials were magnificent hosts.

You'd have been really proud of the gracious hospitality shown to the visitors, touring the Rogue Valley with the help of a Medford school teacher. Yours truly, a temporary welcoming aide from the community, was awed by the warmth shown to our international guests. — Tammy Snider, Medford

What is this voodoo law enforcement in the Jason Atkinson accident?

Apparently the gun owner, Bill Leep, has been tooling around the bike trails with a .38 in a bag attached to his bike. Then he takes the bike to Atkinson for repair, and the gun falls out.

When I practiced law 25 years ago, that would be called carrying a concealed weapon. While Atkinson recovers, Mr. Leep should be serving six months in the cooler. — Ron James, Jacksonville

Richard Altig (Aug. 10) asked, "What is a liberal?" Most dictionaries define it as believing in "maximum individual liberty."

Today's "liberal" doesn't support individualism. He is a socialist, believing government should force individuals to share wealth through taxation. It makes a slave of the donor, to benefit the recipient. Slavery is immoral.

The philosophy of a classic liberal is totally opposite of today's "liberal." Since 1917, Marxists have been the "masters of deceit." They assign opposite meanings of words to deceive people. Today's Democratic Party is mostly Marxist. The Republican Party isn't much better.

If Marxists, like Obama, win and Congress goes along with what he wants, the "change" would be from a "mixed" economy, to one of complete socialism, which renders an economy impossible. He "hopes" it will work. It never has. It only appears to in the propaganda of leftist media. — Ben Stanos, Ashland

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