I am writing in regards to a series of letters and editorials regarding the recently proposed blown timber salvage project on local BLM land. Contrary to the Mail Tribune's opinion, more than seven miles of new logging roads in a sensitive wildlife habitat is not irrelevant.

There are already enough logging roads in our local forests. These roads produce harmful sediment into salmon-bearing streams. As George Sexton so gracefully pointed out, there is a significant number of board feet available without resorting to such extreme practices. — Joseph Flaherty, O'Brien

Wow! There are seven candidates running for mayor of Ashland when most cities and towns in the valley have a hard time attracting one! The candidate with the most experience and long-time commitment to the community is George Kramer. George has been very active in Ashland for over 20 years and currently serves on the Housing Commission and is chairman of the Oregon Heritage Commission.

George is committed to resolve polarization of the city by getting the citizens of Ashland "talking to each other." He will put affordable housing and living-wage jobs at the top of the city's agenda.

I have known George for many years and as a member of the Ashland Historic Commission have worked with him a great deal. I have great admiration for his ability to take a leadership role and solve problems. Please join me in supporting George Kramer for mayor. — Sam Whitford, Ashland

What a golden opportunity was missed last Saturday by the presidential candidate who chose to usurp the scheduled TV game time for the U.S. Little League Baseball Championship series. What a chance to display selflessness over self-centeredness.

Those 12-year-olds deserved more than being put on hold while a "grandstander" resorted to the political rhetoric that we've been hearing all year. He ignored the needs of these little guys, of their parents, their trainers and their TV audiences.

How gracious it would have been to say, "Let's wait until this game is over so I can congratulate the winning teams as they finish out this day's play." How appropriate to recognize the skills and goodwill displayed by all of our American Olympians who represented our country so well. How sad to have ignored our youth and children, our most precious commodity.

It will be hard to convince us that this said person has his fingers on the pulse of our nation. — Rod and Lorna Cook, Central Point

Didn't any of your editors read the Aug. 27 Paul Greenberg column before you printed it?

You didn't notice the misogynistic and racially insensitive tones?

But then I guess I'm just a sensitive old broad.

You can do better than publish Greenberg's drivel. — Myrdith King, Medford

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