Regarding your article on the Ashland City Council scorecard, I wish you had reprinted the entire article from the Ashland Tidings, especially the part explaining the process for compiling the data.

"The evaluation was done by a local volunteer committee, analyzing votes on a cross-section of environmental issues that presented a clear choice on whether or not to protect the environment and were viewed as important by a range of environmental groups. The committee chose the votes without knowing how individual council members voted."

As a member of the steering committee of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters' Jackson County chapter, I am proud of both the objectivity of our work and the results. The mission of the OLCV (www.olcv.org) is to "educate voters about how their legislators vote on the environment and to hold these legislators accountable." I believe that we have held to that mission.

By the way, I'm a Medford native and have no vested interest in any of the Ashland candidates. I care about clean air, clean water and healthy families. — Diane Beukema, Medford

Bush's legacy of illegal wiretapping, contempt for habeas corpus, "rendition," secret prisons and torture is sick and un-American, yet most Republicans went along with it like sheep.

They proudly flaunt their allegiance to the flag while dishonoring the republic for which it stands. Trampling our Constitution is flag desecration at its worst.

Bush claims his violations are protecting the American people, a president's greatest responsibility. It's a Bush special — two lies in one: A president's greatest responsibility is to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States," as he swore in his oath of office; secondly, undermining the foundation of our democracy isn't protection, it's a betrayal of his office and the nation.

Would McCain be any better? His official Web site practically quotes Bush: "The most sacred responsibility vested in a president is to preserve and protect American citizens." What do Republicans have against the Constitution? — Michael Steely, Medford

Recently, I saw compassion in action as Dr. Richard Schmidt and his dental staff gave of their time and skill to a woman who could not pay for multiple extractions and required prosthesis.

She had several abscessed teeth, a swollen jaw, and was in much pain when she arrived at the Northwest Seasonal Workers Association office. As a volunteer, I transported her to the dentist's office and interpreted for her. I learned that she was a single mother of five with extremely limited resources.

On the fourth visit, the prosthesis was adjusted and she was instructed in further oral care. She was very grateful for the dental care and was especially moved by the respect accorded her.

It was my privilege to observe the the professionalism, and I believe that she could not have received better care if she had been a paying customer.

Thank you Dr. Schmidt and staff. — Delfino Arellano, Jacksonville

Everybody in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia knew all the time that the Bigfoot found back east was nothing but a hoax.

We all know the real Bigfoot (Sasquatch) lives in the Pacific Northwest. They weren't fooling us! — E.J. Cash Sr., Medford


A letter published Aug. 21 incorrectly stated that Barack Obama is a "strong supporter of Louis Farrakhan." In fact, Obama denounced Farrakhan and rejected his support in February.

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