I look on in horror as this once incredible nation is one step closer to attacking Iran, one step closer to a war with Russia and one step closer to a complete financial meltdown.

It is imperative that we stop this administration now. It is not too late to take action against Bush and Cheney and hold them accountable for the destruction of this country and of Iraq.

Impeachment is the only answer and it will set the precedent for future presidents to uphold the Constitution and to abide by the laws of this nation. Dennis Kucinich wants 1 million signatures by Sept. 10 to again go before Nancy Pelosi.

We cannot give up this fight. For the future of this nation please sign the impeachment petition. Go to www.Kucinich.us. — Patricia Groth, Ashland

Each election, we're sold some "big lie." Bush's Republican Party, which brought seven years of Iraq war on false pretenses, and McCain's "Straight Talk Express" tell us drilling will lower pump prices and answer energy dilemmas threatening our economy and environment.

Factually, we've only 3 percent of global reserves while using 25 percent of global resources. We import 65 percent. Drilling will not change that, nor reduce prices could we bring it to market today, not in 10 years.

Oil's increasingly used politically by Russia, Venezuela, Iran and countries we mustn't fund nor be economically dependent on.

We require restructured energy usage, new technologies and jobs for a 21st century infrastructure, and reduced fossil-fuel dependence for national security, environmental protection and revitalized economy.

We'll change no matter what. The more delay, the more pain incurred; more global warming, national dependence, and economic weakness. This election, don't buy the snake oil. — Rob Hirschboeck, Ashland

Congressional liberals are out of control. Since they took control of the House and Senate last January, they have been on a rampage, ignoring lawmaking in favor of personal vendettas, conducting a witch-hunt.

Instead of focusing on Social Security and Medicare reform, they have focused on exacting revenge. Instead of focusing on immigration, securing our borders, congressional liberals have been focusing on retaliation. Instead of determining how to keep the commitment to the Iraqi people, win the war on terror and bring our troops home.

It is the same liberals who promised they would get more done in the first 100 days when they took control of the House and Senate.

What have they done? They have launched over 300 investigations, had over 350 requests for documents and interviews and have had over 600 oversight hearings in about 100 days.

How much longer must we put up with this behavior? — Jerry Hall, Medford

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