In response to "Where's Medford's pride?" Thursday, July 24: As a member of the Heart of Medford Association, I would say, here in Medford, we are different.

We have events throughout the year. Our big event is Pear Blossom. All of our Medford events are independently sponsored and produced by volunteers.

Pear Blossom is by the Pear Blossom Association, with many venues, a parade, several races and a street fair put on by HMA. Monthly, HMA puts on the Third Friday Art Walk.

Other groups present Art In Bloom (Mother's Day), the Medford Cruise (Father's Day), Taste of History (June), the Multicultural Fair (September), the Jazz Jubilee (October) and the HMA's Winter Light Festival (November).

I am proud of what "our" community is doing and our plans to do it better. All of the above events are by different organizations, all of them volunteers.

Our only limit: our imaginations and enough volunteers to make it happen. If you want more, then come and get involved. One way: HMA. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 8 a.m. Call 245-3673 (In September at the Central Library). — Brian Rogers, Medford, president of the board of directors, Heart Of Medford Association

A writer tells about going to school in the '40s ("Liberty for all," July 6). I don't know where the writer went to school, but I was at Lincoln School in Medford in 1941 and continued until graduation in 1953. At no time ever was God mentioned in our Pledge of Allegiance.

We put our hands over our heart and extended our arm toward the flag and that was it. You just can't make up your own facts. — K. Van Horn, Medford

I assume that "greenies"(" 'Greenies' wreak havoc," July 28) is meant as a derogatory term applied to those who care about our environment as opposed to those who do not.

This letter is a typical example of not only being grossly misinformed but also ignoring the future. Global warming is a fact, and if left unchecked, will have devastating consequences, including the rise of ocean levels, that will result in coastal population centers finding themselves under water.

Further, it is incredibly naïve to think that we can drill ourselves out of our current high gas prices. Destroying ANWR by drilling for oil will have absolutely no effect on current prices since the oil will not be available for at least 10 years. By then, gas prices will probably be $6/gallon and rising because oil is a finite resource and demand will continue to be greater than supply.

As to 18-wheeler trucks, it makes no sense whatsoever to use these huge gas-guzzlers to transport goods over long distances when multi-car trains are so much more efficient.

Ms. Ruth needs to realize that our current way of life can't be sustained. Immediate, profound changes are necessary, and it is not the "greenies" that are to blame. — Jorge Heller, Ashland

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