Perhaps guest opinion writer Kim Blossom should rethink her "rethinking of jury duty."

As specified in the Oregon State Bar Jurors Handbook, jurors solemnly swear that they "will well and truly try the matter in issue between the plaintiff and defendant, and a true verdict given according to the law and evidence as given them on the trial." Clearly, the facts of the case Blossom describes suggest guilt on the part of the accused, beyond a reasonable doubt, and all legal chicanery aside. The woman identified as "Jamie" possessed a controlled substance without a prescription and she admitted so.

Had her "presiding juror" bothered to listen to the extensive instructions (juror training, in other words) read by the judge and provided in the deliberation room, she might have found her fellow jurors' "fevered" rush to judgment much more informed than her own.

By the way, Vicodin is not "a mixture of oxycodone and acetaminophen." The generic component in Vicodin is hydrocodone, a different class of narcotics entirely.

She should follow the law and her own oath next time, rather than dwelling on the faults she perceives in the rest of Southern Oregon's citizens. — Steve Warga, Rogue River

In a disinformational letter decrying a recent court ruling, a retired BLM manager revealed his misunderstanding of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act, Antiquities Act, Wilderness Act, and Soda Mountain Wilderness proposal.

The Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument was "set apart and reserved" under the Antiquities Act "for the purpose of protecting" its "objects of historic or scientific interest." The Antiquities Act has no requirement that an area be "pristine" in order to qualify for monument protection. In fact, this ecologically outstanding area needed protection precisely because of past and planned BLM mismanagement.

Regardless, less than half of the 53,000 acre monument still meets the Wilderness Act's "generally appears to have been affected primarily by the forces of nature" criterion as much or more than many other congressionally designated wilderness areas. And the 23,000-plus-acre Soda Mountain Wilderness proposal in the monument's southern backcountry does not, as the writer preposterously alleged, contain any portion of either "a 500-kv power line" or "Interstate 5." Shortly after the monument was established, The Mail Tribune entitled an editorial "Tell the truth: Soda Mountain opponents forget the facts in their bitter dissent." Eight years later, it seems some opponents never die — they just go on dissembling. — Dave Willis, Soda Mountain Wilderness Council, Greensprings

Cheney is the thieving, lying mastermind behind much of the destruction of our Constitution. Watch Bill Moyers' Journal "Darkside." You will be shocked and angered by what this man hath wrought!

Impeachment is too kind. Send him to work with lepers alongside his president/dummy Bush. — Ken Becker, Talent

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