Voting for pro-life presidential candidates is not an effective path to end abortions.

We just had one of the most ideologically right-wing House, Senate and White House (heavily supported by evangelical voters) and they didn't end abortion. It must be challenged and put before the Supreme Court. But even Antonin Scalia (the 'rightest' of the 'right-wingers') says that he will not define the fetus as a legitimate citizen to accommodate abortion laws.

Barack Obama has accurately stated that there aren't any pro-abortionists, only those that support leaving this difficult decision up to the woman, and he has consistently reached out to the anti-abortionists to ask for help to minimize the number of abortions.

The Democratic Party is not perfect, but our country is in desperate need of very progressive solutions to many big problems and Barack is our best hope for pulling all sides together to fix them effectively. — Keith Shirley, Medford

I appreciate your coverage of the recent Children's Festival in Jacksonville. It was a wonderful three-day event and I enjoyed taking my grandchildren to the educational events and the entertainment.

One thing that impressed me was that one of our candidates for county commissioner, Jim Olney, was a volunteer at the festival, teaching children at the science exhibit. Mr. Olney had come to my door trying to get my vote, but I was more impressed to see him volunteering his time to help the future voters learn and have a good time.

Now he definitely has my vote. — Michael Smith, Jacksonville

I am really getting tired of greenies dictating our lives, from spotted owls to global warming.

Also, thanks to our Democratic Senate, we don't have ANWR opened in Alaska. So now even greenies can pay high gas prices too. How smart was that?

Has anyone thought about our 18-wheeler trucks? Try to run them on a battery or solar.

Now we have Gore, what a hypocrite he is, with his limos, big home and private jets.

Wal-Mart wasn't allowed to build here in Central Point; now homeowners have to carry taxes for city services.

If you vote for Obama, the only change you will have is the change in your pocket. Greenies, Gore and Obama are not always right. — Gloria Ruth, Central Point

I recently visited the magnificent Rogue River for the first time. As I hiked to Rainie Falls in 100-degree heat, I was grateful for the cool air, shade and cold water provided by the river's many tributaries.

Thankfully, these tributaries will be protected by the recently introduced Oregon Treasures legislation. Logging the old-growth forests in the Rogue watershed would increase sedimentation and water temperature in the streams and reduce the water quality of the Rogue itself. To protect the Rogue, we must protect the waters flowing into it.

Sen. Wyden and Reps. DeFazio, Hooley, Wu and Blumenauer should be thanked for introducing this legislation. Sen. Smith should join them in helping to protect the wonderful Rogue for all Oregonians. — Carson Whitehead, Ashland

If we are to "go green," perhaps requests from charitable organizations might eliminate note pads and address labels. — Lu Vobora, Medford

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