I have a question for Obama supporters. Americans have been kept in the dark about the time when Obama, from his Illinois State Senate seat, led the fight to oppose a bill that would protect the right of a baby who survived an abortion to medical treatment.

My question is: How can Obama be taken seriously about his concern about health care for all Americans when he would intentionally allow an innocent baby to go untreated and be thrown away like so much garbage?

Senior citizens should take note of this because euthanasia would not be far from his thoughts concerning the elderly. — JoAnn Peters, Medford

Kulongoski requests federal regulators halt their decision on a proposed LNG terminal on the Columbia River. He believes the project review shows it to be "fatally flawed and legally deficient."

The term "fatally flawed and legally deficient" defines the DSL plan to declare the Rogue River navigable. The State Land Board and Kulongoski ignored the "fatally flawed and legally deficient" definition then, why not now?

I urge the governor and the State Land Board to rescind the decision to declare the upper Rogue River navigable. The rescinded decision should remain in effect until the State Land Board seriously considers the impact on residents who are seriously aggrieved by the declaration. Such impact should consider the financial, legal and emotional implications. Further, the state should reveal plans for the necessary budget and the procedures for the maintenance and the policing of this portion of the river.

The majority of property owners believe the action was fatally flawed as it showed no consideration for the impact of such an action. The unaddressed issues have already resulted in more problems on other rivers than has been solved. — Will Hardy, Shady Cove

Elk Creek Dam is gone as of today. What a heart-sickening waste of taxpayer dollars. It is made even more bitter because the local officials neglected to invoke the coordination clause in federal law that would have at least halted the notching for several years. And the governor is calling for identification of more sites for dams!

For information on how to institute coordination and for detailed instructions one need only pick up the phone and call Stewards of the Range at 208-855-0763 . — Jim Brunner, Medford

With reference to McCain's age articles: I am 90-plus, active, intelligent, smart (I was in business until 87 years of age and am still licensed! I ski, I dance rock 'n' roll (three times a week), am mentally alert and an avid reader of three books per week and the Mail Tribune each day, every column, every page. Therefore, I consider McCain is still an intelligent, thoughtful "adolescent" at the young age of 72, should he (hopefully) become our next U.S. president. — E.F. Huish, Medford

Why has the Mail Tribune chosen to misrepresent the citizens who spoke out against sidewalks at the June 5 City Council meeting? I wondered if Paris Achen was at the meeting after reading her article (June 14).

I attended the meeting, and those speaking against sidewalks did so because students don't use their streets going to and from school. They questioned parking strips that turn into weed patches but favored the sidewalk next to the street. Public right-of-way did not seem to be the issue. Cory Crebbin, Public Works, was interested in how many sidewalks they could put in with the money they had, not students' safety. Our two block "street to nowhere" was chosen because it had existing curbs and gutters. It would be inexpensive to put in a sidewalk even if no one would use it.

If Cory Crebbin and the City Council heard anything that night it would have been that residents want sidewalks where safety and use is a concern (eg. Keeneway, Sailing, Oregon). These are a few of the streets where students daily walk in the street to and from school. But, they don't have curbs and gutters. — Mary Jo Follett, Medford

I believe the Packers should release Mr. Favre. That would give him the time necessary to figure out if his name has been misspelled or just mispronounced. — Bill Smart, Talent

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