I just wanted to share my experience on Friday evening at the Jackson County Fair.

My husband and I attended the Beach Boys concert, ate dinner, walked through the exhibits, saw the animals, enjoyed the rides, watched the beautiful fireworks and then it was time to go home. After sitting in traffic for 50 minutes and moving only two car lengths we luckily found a shortcut out of the parking lot.

Earlier in the afternoon when we entered we were told to use Gate 1 where we found plenty of parking lot attendants eager to take our $4 parking fee. But, when it was time to leave, no one was to be seen at Gate 1 to direct traffic and to keep it moving. I feel sorry for the people in line who didn't follow us to the short cut. They probably didn't get out of there for an hour and a half.

This isn't the first time this has happened at the fairgrounds. We had the same experience when we attended two different concerts at the Lithia Amphitheater.

I am beginning to wonder if it's even worth the aggravation of attending events at the fairgrounds. — S. Self, Medford

On May 7 there was a community meeting at Roosevelt school to discuss plans to rebuild. A gentleman from the city planning department said only one or two trees closest to the school would be cut down.

He assured everyone that none of the trees along Queen Anne street would be removed, and the grounds would be watered and maintained. Soon after, the sprinkler system was removed.

On July 16, everyone in the neighborhood received a letter from the school district saying that "tree removal is planned for later this month." I learned that now all eight trees along Queen Anne will be removed. The three biggest because "they are old and past their prime," one because "it has been damaged," and the others because "it is easier to cut down and replace all of the trees at the same time."

Other trees on the school grounds are already dying. It appears they are dying from lack of water, not disease.

In my opinion, their tree experts are old and past their prime. They should be removed, not the trees. — Donna Carter, Medford

Fresh in from the Dumb Department ... America is pulling out all stops to convince somebody (anybody!) in Europe to allow us to base our Missile Defense System on their soil.

This system is supposed to detect and shoot down enemy missiles. The only "successes" we have had in testing the system is when our defense is notified in advance when, and from where, the "enemy" missile was launched.

I suppose we'll just have to hope that America's attackers will have a strong sense of fair play, and warn us in advance before striking. — Floyd Barton, Medford

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