Bush has been bashed for many things, but the June 25 editorial by Leonard Pitts is absurd. Pitts blamed Bush for the 17 girls in Gloucester, Mass., getting pregnant.

Pitts said, "We already know where it started. We already know who the father is." That is quite a stretch to come to this conclusion because Bush is in favor of teaching our teens abstinence.

Pitts stated that this problem predated Jamie Lynn Spears and "Juno" — so of course rampant teen sexuality cannot be blamed on the sleaze that Hollywood pumps out. And sure, Spears is the first unwed pregnant celebrity and Juno is the first movie about unwed pregnancy, right?

Does Pitts seriously think that these teenage girls decided to get pregnant because vital information was withheld from them at the local Planned Parenthood? You can bet they have watched plenty of the sex-saturated television and movies.

Pitts said that teaching abstinence lacked common sense. He said, "Anyone who thinks a teenager will never do a thing because she has been forbidden has never met a teenager." This reasoning would dictate that since criminals continue to commit crimes which are forbidden, we should instead be teaching them not to get caught. — Connie Groover, Medford

Recently Barack Obama concluded: "A strong government hand is needed to assure that wealth is distributed more equitably."

This type of "change" would have been expected from Marx or Lenin, but from an American presidential candidate?

If elected, Obama would enjoy a Democratically controlled Congress to aid, augment and enact his socialistic "changes."

Under Obama and Democratically controlled legislators, America would abandon its free-enterprise system, which has provided the greatest property rights, personal freedoms and standard of living in history.

Free enterprise's replacement, socialism, has always failed (Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, etc.) and probably always will. Massive government bureaucracies and socialistic planning changes will continue to replace our existing market determinations.

As Thomas Jefferson foresaw: "In the long run our democracy will not last because people will vote themselves too many benefits." — Les Kell, Medford

I can't stop shaking my head, laughing at the absurdity. "Even Republicans tend to pin nation's (economic) woes on the president." (MT June 26, page 4A.) Like the current administration, these Republicans can't take responsibility for their own thoughts, their own beliefs, or their own actions.

Come on Republicans! You voted for him!

Your Georgie has done a heck of a job! I betcha Johnny will too! — D. Hawkins, Ashland

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