Deputy Chief George is right, prostitution is a dangerous business — because it's illegal and operated by petty criminals who see rewards as greater than risks. There is, of course, a public health risk (STD transmission), easily handled by regulation in places where prostitution is legal.

What's really annoying, though, is his self-righteous attitude that acting as a moral nanny is the police and government's job. Enlightened societies don't think commercial sex is dirty. — Lee Morris, Medford

I just got back from a national-level meeting of wildfire administrators, where hourly updates on the over 1,000 Northern California fires set the agenda.

The Midwest flooding crisis has been utilizing emergency personnel and FEMA resources for weeks, and hurricane season is just around the corner. I heard one official say the Northern California fires will end up burning for a long, long time. Several fire guys felt this year could be worse than 1987.

Resources are tight, and it's not even July. Our 1987 fires were at the end of August.

We should care because lightning storms are forecast for this weekend, and while we've had more rain than Northern California our forests are drier than normal for the end of June.

We all should be personally prepared for the possibility of multiple wildfires in southwest Oregon, and we should be responsible in our actions this summer. Have a family emergency evacuation plan, have supplies, call 9-1-1 if you see a column of smoke, don't ignore local fire season restrictions, and finally, make sure your home has a defensible space. Think of the hard, hot, long, sweaty summer our firefighters will be having, and do your part. — Sandy Shaffer, Jacksonville

What do you know? It's 1974 all over again. Those of us that lived through the gas crisis then are hearing the same old rhetoric again. "We are going to wean ourselves off of foreign oil, and develop alternative fuel sources."

Blah, blah, blah! It's been 34 years and nothing has been done. Every politician that has served in Congress since then should hang their head in shame. Not to mention us, the voters, that keep sending the same self-serving, do-nothing politicians back to Congress for term after term after term.

Nothing will ever change in Washington unless their jobs are threatened. All across this country we need to vote out incumbents and vote in some new people, with the understanding that they better get something done or they will be out next election.

The Founding Fathers gave "we the people" the power to change Washington, but only if we are willing to use it. If people are unwilling to force change then they should stop complaining and live with the consequences. It's our choice. — Neil Whiteford, Central Point

Let's get this government back to abiding by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Let's do what is right for this country for once and get away from all of this "green junk" — it is hurting our economy.

Let's drill oil in our own country and get away from depending on foreign oil. And let's get back to the rule of law and everyone from the president, congressmen and senators abiding by their oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

Let's stop the invasion of foreigners into our country and seal our borders against this invasion that is occurring and has been going on for years without stopping it, which is against the Constitution. We have immigration laws; abide by them. Deport the foreigners, make them abide by our immigration laws and enter the country legally.

Our Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves at what is occurring in this country now. — Jo Ann Allen, Eagle Point

Don't think you necessarily live in a safe neighborhood just because you don't read of any acts of vandalism in your neighborhood.

Last Saturday night a jeep parked in our driveway had its tires slashed and its radio stolen. The next morning at 10:30 a.m., when the police officer arrived, he said there had been seven reports. Others in our neighborhood also had windows broken, tires slashed and even a tree slashed.

So guess if we weren't one of the victims of Saturday night's fun spree, we would still believe we live in a crime-free neighborhood. Don't depend on our local news media to inform you on acts of vandalism. Keep your eyes and ears open for strange activities and inform your neighbors when it does happen. — Nadine Snyder, Medford

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