In your editorial on LSSI June 19, there is a glaring omission. You state, (paraphrased) that local communities raised taxes to extend hours for their libraries.

Had you checked your own archives, you should have included the fact that the Ruch/Applegate area doubled the hours for the Ruch library through community fundraising efforts, not taxes. The generosity of the Applegate Valley residents was such that we are able to pay for eight additional hours per week for 2008-2009. — Kaye Clayton, president, Friends of the Ruch Library

Politics and logic have absolutely nothing in common.

With ever-increasing fuel costs, Hillary's proposed respite of 18 cents per gallon was an insult to any rational thought process. Meanwhile, Bush keeps printing devalued money in the name of economic incentives.

Now we hear our elected officials, via a congressional dog-and-pony show, proposing a windfall profit tax on big oil. Yeah, right.

The 1989 Exxon Valdez incident resulted in a judgment against Exxon for $5 billion. To this day, not one cent has been received by the plaintiffs. If big oil is forced to pay, the CEOs will simply devise another lame excuse to pass the cost on to the consumer, or spank the naughty public by creating shortages under the guise of refinery modifications.

The real answer to rejuvenating our sagging economy might be to force the oil conglomerates to cut their prices in half — at the pump. The beauty of this is: This will pay back the gouged consumers directly, and if big oil stops refining, they won't make any money either.

If I sound like a raving cynic, then fine, but at least I'm a cynic with a sense of logic. — Don Ball, Rogue River

How do all these children get to the "free breakfast and lunch program?"

Does a parent drive them back and forth at $4.33 a gallon) twice a day, or do you have to live close enough to walk? Does a parent have to accompany them twice a day — do they ride a school bus during the school season, then walk or have a parent drive them back and forth?

If so, it seems like it would be cheaper to give them a bowl of oatmeal and milk for breakfast and a peanut butter sandwich and fruit for lunch (which we all agree upon) and save the $4.33 for the gas to drive them there! Just wondering. — Anita Shope-Brown, Medford

I have been reading about and seeing the floods in Iowa and Illinois. It is terrible. I have heard it compared to the devastation of Katrina.

One thing I haven't noticed — no one is blaming the president. I have not seen any looting. I have not seen anyone spending any money vouchers on tattoos, body piercings, drugs or parties.

I have noticed people helping each other and working together. Not just sitting around and waiting for some government agency to bail them out and give them a bunch of freebies, and then complaining that what they are given is not enough.

Perhaps the press has just missed that. Can anyone explain this? — Suzi Collins, Eagle Point

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