On the day after the local section of your newspaper had a story covering the "Down by the riverside" cleanup efforts, my wife and I took our daily morning walk in Bear Creek Park.

Every morning my wife and I are constantly amazed and distressed at the amount of litter that accumulates daily at Bear Creek Park. Each morning, before we start our daily walk with our dog, we spend at least ten minutes picking up litter in or near the parking lot next to the skate park.

I wonder if admission were charged for the skate park, and the funds used to pay for an attendant to monitor and enforce the no-littering laws, the pigs that leave their water bottles, soda containers, candy wrappers and, yes, even condoms strewn about might realize that their piggish behavior is not wanted. It is absolutely disgusting to see and dramatically reduces the beauty of the area.

The apperance of a monitor might also result in skaters wearing helmets, as the signs state they are required. I can only hope that some skater doesn't crack their skull, then tie the city up in a lawsuit that would probably be settled just to avoid the inconvenience. — John Rodrigues, Medford

If I was a Democrat, (and I am not), I would be embarrassed with the likes of Barack Obama. Every time something negative is said about him he whines about it. I have to agree with Hillary, "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen."

Who else tries to negotiate with known terrorists? President Carter tried that in the '70s and is still trying it at this time and it doesn't work.

Nancy Pelosi thinks it can be done, but she is wrong. Now we have another that is willing to try negotiation. He too will find out that these killers will not talk.

We do not need another weak, wimpy, white-flag-waving president like Jimmy Carter. Obama needs to wake up and smell the coffee and quit whining. Is this what we want in a president? Not me! — Nancy McAllister, Medford

How does the Mail Tribune justify printing a letter to the editor such as that of Fred Moran in Sunday's paper? Have you ever heard of a lynching? The intent of the letter came through loud and clear — that a well-known candidate should be "swinging from a tree" implies a hanging.

I am horrified that our local paper would not only print this, but put it first in the letters! The Mail Tribune should not be printing personal attacks, and should provide an explanation and apology.

However, I would like to thank Mr. Moran for motivating me to get my ballot in. I happily voted for Hillary.

I think his neighbors should put several Hillary signs in the tree, it sounds like he deserves it! — Cherise Black, Medford

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