For the first time ever, I'll be interested in seeing/hearing what Scott McClellan has to say! — Guy Parker, Prospect

A quick note to the Whyte family to tell them how sad we were to hear about the hate crime that occurred at their home. We live in this county also and were appalled that this type of crime could occur in our area.

We stand strongly with the Whytes and against any kind of racism and hate. Please know that you have a lot of neighbors that wish you well. — Arlene Aron, Applegate

I was kept awake last night by a very vocal female cat in heat. The crying continued in the morning and it made me wonder why the county enforces the licensing and payments of fees for dogs but not cats?

Cats are loving animals, I know. However, they can also be quite a nuisance for one's neighbors such as in the loss of sleep I experienced last night. Cats and dogs alike go into neighbors' yards and deposit unwanted "gifts" which no one claims or cleans up.

Dogs are not allowed to roam the streets per county ordinance. Perhaps the time has come to place some reasonable controls on cats and their owners.

I feel that if a cat owner wishes to allow their animal to roam free the least they could do is spay or neuter them to avoid the loud announcements of that time in a cat's cycle. Altering the animals also decreases the amounts of cat fighting among males and females alike.

If you wish to bring more kittens into an already overpopulated pet world do your neighbors a service and keep them indoors 24/7. — Janet Narva, Medford

On May 22, there was an article in the Mail Tribune titled, "Out with the old," a story about the removal and demolition of three buildings in the Highlander Apartment complex on Barnett Road and Highland Drive in Medford. There was a photo of a backhoe demolishing the apartments.

I thought we had moved beyond destroying structures in our community. I am sure there were a lot of good use within these buildings that could have been recycled or benefited our valley in many ways. I'm guessing that most of the structure will end up in our already burdened landfill or some will be burned, therefore polluting our airshed.

I am concerned about the current philosophy of our elected officials and city departments in regard to the lack of oversight in structure removal within our city. We really need to consider recycling as we look at dwindling resources that all of us will have to face soon.

What guidelines will the city outline for all of the building removal downtown for the Lithia Commons project? Will they allow the bulldozers to just run through those buildings that are designated for removal?

It's time to change, even in Medford. — John and Beth Hallett, Medford

I have given up trying to find cheap gas. But when I ask the attendant to "Please fill my tank with regular" and then am asked to pay $41 for a half of a tank, you would think, as a common courtesy, to undermine the sting to my wallet, my windows could be washed, both back and front. — Shirley Grow, Medford

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