A visitor to your city, I curled up with your newspaper and a cup of coffee Tuesday morning and noted Mr. Gillespy's letter decrying the California Supreme Court ruling regarding marriage.

He lamented that a vote of the people could be overturned by a court. He seems to believe it contradicts the Constitution. With respect, I urge him to read the Constitution again.

One issue the framers faced was despotic rule and its violation of citizens' rights — whether by an individual or a group. Thus they created a three-part government with checks and balances. One of the judiciary's most important functions is to make sure laws meet the Constitution's general goals and specific requirements.

Yes, citizens passed a law restricting marriage to people of opposite sex. But over time people or their representatives also passed laws restricting marriage to people of the same color. Laws have restricted land ownership, voting rights, even freedom itself via slavery.

An individual can be wrong. Groups of voters can be wrong. And wrong decisions can and do hurt people.

It takes great courage to stand up and tell folks they're wrong. This is what the court did, and they should be praised for it. — Stephie Michaels, Sacramento, Calif.

Gunnar A. Johnson's letter, "Armed Forces Day ignored" (May 21) is timely for this Memorial Day.

So is "Our Military Need Real Support, Not Empty Rhetoric" by Chuck Baldwin for Tuesday, May 20. This is posted online at www. chuckbaldwinlive.com under "Chuck's Archived Columns."

Support our troops by ending foreign entanglements and bringing them home safely. — James A. Farmer, Ashland

Like many Americans over 40, I am deeply disturbed that millions of high-school and college students enjoy listening to sick, perverted rap songs, praising, applauding and promoting gang rape, drive-by murders, pimping, freebasing, child molestation, killing cops, etc. It seems sick and disgusting.

I interviewed 770 Medford and Phoenix teens in 2006, and many of them told me that these songs "reflect what's important to us." God, how sad. I further learned that exactly zero of these kids received much parental advice as to right and wrong. A nation of 50 million lazy self-centered parents who "can't be bothered" with teaching their kids morals is likely the root cause of this mentality. We deserve what we get.

The so-called conservatives who constantly claim moral superiority invariably give criminals a "free pass" for their crimes whenever the criminal in question is of similar right-wing mind set. Oliver North, Scooter Libby and the Waco mass-murdering terrorist cult come to mind. This is what is known as "being a hypocrite." Radio talk shows not only encourage such hypocrisy, the literally wallow in it. — James Snyder, Medford

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dan Ross on a very successful campaign. I wish him all the best.

My thanks to all those who did vote for me. And thanks to all the people who helped me with my campaign. — Roy Wright, Medford

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