The Constitution "casually" mentions that this is a country where the people themselves decide what rules they want to live by and they go to the polls and vote their wishes, for those people whom they trust to enforce those rules.

I think this is especially vital at this time, that voters have the confidence that their vote will count and when the majority vote for an issue, it is with the expectation that it be will enforced. When a judge or Supreme Court can overturn the vote of the people, it no longer carries the message that votes mean a thing.

Case in point: In the May 15 issue of the Mail Tribune is the report of the California Supreme Court overturning the vote of the people, who voted against the issue, in favor of marriage between those of the same sex. I don't care who marries who. My concern is that a court has the power to do this.

We are no longer a republic, where the people rule and a vote counts. Rather we are on the fast track to a people being ruled by those who think they know what is best for us. — William Gillaspy, White City

"The White Vote", "The Black Vote", "The White Male/Blue Collar Vote." Stinging rhetoric permeating the airwaves, be it CNN, ABC, CBS, local or national news services. Do the media darlings truly believe our votes are simply color based or gender based?

Recently I watched Wolf Blitzer ask a three-person panel (each African American) if they could address this white/black phenomena and what it says about the racial divide it represents. Each of the three rejected Wolf's premise of a racial divide, pointing to Obama doing well in white-dominated states and Hillary's support from the working-class male.

This racial divide is probably ratings-driven, don't you think? Voters appear to admire the style of the three remaining candidates. They mostly comport themselves as gentlemen and lady. But color or gender bias is a media perspective that is so out of touch with the American voter.

Obama represents change. Hillary has tenacity and commitment. John McCain has a long record of service and sacrifice. Doesn't matter who we vote for, just don't categorize us as white vote/black vote. — David Hart, Medford

Everything is going up these days. Now I read in the paper May 14 about how Talent is struggling with budget options. What about my budget? Last year it was a $2 surcharge for the library that I don't use!

I never got to vote on it. Now I read there could be a $4 surcharge added to our water bill to help the city (more likely will be added). Where did our property tax money go? If this goes through, it's pretty bad that half my water bill is added surcharges that I never got to vote on. Wow, I could put that in my gas tank. Go figure! — Pam Erickson, Talent

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