An Ashland dog living on a 10-foot chain was killed by Jackson County in February.

Break The Chain Campaign volunteers walked him daily, with his guardian's permission.

When a volunteer offered to adopt him, the guardian forbade more walks, taking him inside.

The guardian declined the volunteer's $1,000 offer for the dog. About a month later, when the dog collapsed, the guardian asked the shelter to kill him.

She didn't know the volunteer and campaign director had gotten the shelter's consent to notify one of them if he was surrendered.

The director called the shelter and found they recently killed him. Staff said it wasn't legally obligated to do so, but chose to because he was lame, in pain, old, and the owner asked.

The shelter felt it did right. But when someone is waiting to rush a dog to a veterinarian, the shelter non-veterinarians shouldn't deny the animal that chance.

Should someone who chained her dog for 10 years decide whether he's killed without a veterinary diagnosis? The dog would have wanted to live if he could have had a good life.

If Ashland limits tethering, that will go a long way toward preventing negligent people from having animals. — Ron Elterman, Ashland

Please join me and others in checking the box for Jeff Merkley for Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in next month's primary ballot. I believe he has what it takes to run a competitive campaign for this important position in the fall election.

Rep. Merkley has proven himself in Salem as speaker of the Democratic-held House these past two years. In a change from the past much was accomplished in Salem and he deserves credit. I heard him talk before the 2006 elections and during a recent debate with the other two candidates on the Democratic ticket.

Rep. Merkley has his feet on the ground when it comes to knowing this state and what needs to be done by government for Oregonians. He is the real deal, the best in a tradition of capable, responsive officials the Democrats have elected to state and national offices. — Steve Haskell, Ashland

McCain had it right when he said we'd probably be in Iraq for a long time. We have operated military bases in Germany, Italy and Japan for 60 years, South Korea for 50 years. We have bases in Turkey, Kuwait, Cuba, the Philippines and probably other places. I think we have one in Spain to prevent Portugal from invading France.

Oh! Our Social Security and Medicare are headed for bankruptcy. We send our tax dollars to Colombia, Pakistan, Israel and other places because these countries can't seem to do what we want them to.

Oh! Our roads and bridges are crumbling due to old age and overuse. Bush wants to send a lot more money to Africa to help with the AIDS problem. But nobody takes the guns away from the rebel factions who kill more Africans than the virus does.

Oh! We can't seem to secure our ports and borders.

Do there seem to be oxymorons here, or all they all in Congress? — Tom Anderson, Medford

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