From the news reports we read, Mary Ann Shostrom hit and killed a young man dressed in dark clothing lying on Riverside at 2 a.m. on a cold, dark Sunday morning. The article asked if anyone had seen her in one of two bars in Medford.

Mary Ann does not drink, do drugs or smoke anything; it's against her very strong faith. She has a beautiful singing voice, loves to sing and recently joined a band.

We got acquainted with Mary Ann because our son plays karaoke at several places. They are friends and had a lot in common because he never drank or did drugs either. He was a staff sergeant in the Air Force and said he saw too many good lives ruined by drugs and alcohol.

Mary Ann always conducted herself as a lady, dressed very nice, friendly and soft-spoken. She has grown children and on several occasions we saw how loving and supporting she was with them. The death of this young man and suffering of his friends and family is breaking her heart.

We just wanted people to know that although this accident was alcohol-related, this time it was a drunk pedestrian, not driver. — Mert and Erlene Thomson, Trail

I'm here to confess that I have been in the Rogue Valley for 10 years, and I knew very little about the Children's Musical Theatre of Oregon (CMTO).

On Saturday, April 19, my family and I went to see the production, "Broadway — A Musical Journey." I've seen many such productions over my lifetime (I'm old), and I was overwhelmed by the sheer joy, talent, and exuberance with which these 50-60 children — I'm guessing from 4-17 years old — enveloped all of us in the audience. Technically, visually, and musically, it's the best of its kind that I've ever seen.

The producers, directors, choreographers, and parents of these children have given them a gift that will be with them forever. Believe me, they also got it back — in spades.

Maybe the best way to sum it up is to point out that two of the children with us (10-12) were begging to become a part of it all for the next production. We intend to be there. I don't think anyone should miss it. — Don Azar, Phoenix

My husband and I saw a production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" years ago in Regents Park in London. It was absolutely delightful.

The scenery was the trees, shrubs, and greensward of the park itself. The costumes were in keeping with the time and simple as befitted the play.

We recently saw the production of this play at OSF and were appalled at the extravagance displayed in all aspects. We left at I should say the intermission, but half-time seems more appropriate. — Maxine Scott, Ashland

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