Paul Greenberg's hatchet job on Jimmy Carter (April 18), one of the few honest politicians this country has produced, is a profound embarrassment to the profession of journalism.

Though Greenberg frequently swims in the journalistic sewer, this time he dived to the bottom.

Carter's ostensible offense? He dared meet with the democratically elected leader of Hamas, boycotted by Israel and the U.S.

Carter's real (and unforgiveable) offense? He wrote an honest book called "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid." — Isaac Walker, Ashland

I support Dan Ross for county assessor. I have known him for 37 years and respect his integrity and honesty that he brings to this position.

Dan not only runs a helpful, friendly office, but is dedicated to making sure that the property taxes in Jackson County are fair and accurate. Dan takes his responsibility as county assessor very seriously and has done a great job. He is also a community minded man giving of his time to his church and mission projects in Brazil and to the local Gideon ministry.

Please join me in re-electing Dan Ross, county assessor. — Barbara Taylor, Central Point

I'm writing this on behalf of the residents who live on beautiful Highway 234, Gold Hill.

While we welcome visitors to the Gold Hill Softball Park and enjoy seeing the smiling faces of the kids and listening to the cheers of the spectators, we really don't look forward to the trash along the highway that seems to accumulate after every game.

I'm sure this is unintentional and an oversight on the part of those who are responsible, but I hope you can understand our concern and in the future be more aware of what you, or the kids, leave behind.

Bring on the peanuts and crackerjacks ... but please, put the ol'-ball-game remnants where they belong! — Charle Meixner, Gold Hill

It has been recently reported in the MT that the Oregon Republican Party is $264,000 in debt and owes the IRS $35,000 in back taxes, which is, in a legal sense, a criminal offense.

What happened to the GOP's reputation for fiscal responsibility? What is its current financial situation? Same here as in Washington, D.C., it appears.

It looks to me that voters have two choices. Vote for the tax-and-spend Democrats or the spend-but-don't-tax Republicans. Our country is fiscally bankrupt and they're sending us money?

Go figure. — Robert J. Morgan, Eagle Point

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