After reading James Snyder's Sunday letter, I went back and read the original March 27 letter.

Ms. O'Driscoll was exactly right about Sen. Obama. He is extremely pro-abortion, so much so that he is left of Sen. Clinton, left of the Democratic Party platform, and even left of NARAL. He opposed Illinois legislation intended to mandate medical care for babies who somehow survive failed abortion attempts. Thankfully, this legislation passed, as did federal legislation on the same subject.

It's hard to argue that abortion hasn't taken a higher toll on black America. Whether or not Planned Parenthood still adheres to its racist beginnings, there's no doubt that its choices as where to locate its clinics has had a greater impact on blacks than whites. Knowing these things, and knowing Sen. Obama's stand on abortion, it's hard not to question his judgment and his sincerity about wanting to help fellow blacks. — Bryan Platt, Eagle Point

It has been in the news about Hillary that she is like Annie Oakley. Well, from what I have read, Annie was just a sharpshooter, not a gun-wielding, hard-drinking person.

Calamity Jane on the other hand was the hard-drinking, gun-toting not-a-lady. Seeing Hillary knocking back drinks with the big boys did not impress me one bit. Well yes I guess that I would rather be known as an Annie and not as a Calamity. — M. Nutter, White City

James Snyder in the letters of April 13 declares that anti-abortionists are "holier-than-thou zealots." Mr. Snyder also wrote about how many angry youth would be on our streets. But, also, think how many missionaries would be serving overseas.

I'd like to ask Mr. Snyder if he wishes he had been aborted. Of course, he wouldn't know about it, but look at what he would have missed.

There are so many couples wanting to adopt, but they have to look to China and other countries to find them.

Anyone who has an abortion should be charged with murder and receive the same punishment.

Anyone who agrees with me, please raise your hand. — Marjorie Monroe, Jacksonville

All the donations, services and money and our close family and friends that jumped right in and helped wherever was needed made our memorial dinner for our son, Steve Bechler, another successful year. Another two seniors will gain a scholarship from all this work.

We cannot express enough to all of you a heartfelt thanks for helping us to honor our son, as he still helps out others in his own way.

Our deepest thanks. — The Bechler family, Ernie, Pat, Mike Heather and all four granddaughters, Eagle Point

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