The U.S. House of Representatives and both of our U.S. senators from Oregon voted recently to substantially raise taxes on U.S. energy producers. What's the logic here? Speculation is that a gallon of gas is going to hit $4 soon and our solution is to raise the cost of producing it?

I hear people from across the political spectrum complain about our reliance on foreign oil, but then turn around and raise the cost of production on U.S. producers and limit our access to U.S. energy reserves. It's no wonder we rely on Iran and Venezuela for our energy supplies Our own inept policies are funding their anti-U.S. escapades.

I'm all for renewable energy sources, but until we're able to produce enough of it to power our economy let's not hit families even harder with higher fuel costs. — Sheila Foy, Medford

Shirley Katz should be thinking of her students' safety. Someone with as much fear as this woman has will hear a backfire and pull out her gun and shoot someone.

I think anyone has a right to own a gun to protect themselves. But you get someone carrying one with fear and someone is bound to get hurt. She is a shooting waiting to happen.

If I had a child in the school she teaches in I would be changing schools. I can't stress enough how dangerous I feel she is. — Judy Westcott, Talent

This is to the Medford School District administration and to the Mail Tribune.

I live very close to South Medford High School and would like to address the enormous problem we have with litter, which the students scatter all around our nice area on the way to and from school. On my frequent walks through the neighborhood I usually carry a plastic bag and gather the many paper cups, cans, candy wrappers or even cigarette butts, at least in my immediate vicinity.

Come to think of it, shouldn't that be done by the kids? Is there possibly a program that could be instituted like a litter patrol as a civic duty class through which kids could be rotated so they could be made aware of their actions? I think our yards and city streets, as well as the students themselves, could greatly benefit by such an action. — Ursula Robichaud, Medford

I urge those people who have not done so already to read or listen to Barack Obama's speech on race, in its entirety.

It reveals to me a man who is thoughtful, courageous and smart. It also shows me someone who does not turn his back on those he does not always agree with, and someone who seeks to understand the deep complexities in human relationships.

These are qualities that bring people of diverse backgrounds together and promote positive change. — Katie Ortlip, Ashland

What a crock. They want us to stop eating corn?

A while back they were saying eggs were bad for us, and when people cut back on eating them they found out later eggs were good for us. Now it's corn?

What would the Green Giant say about that? Ho, ho, ho, I don't think so.

Is it because they want the corn to make gas? — T. Elam, Medford

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