As a 40-something-year-old lifelong Medford resident, I am amazed at the lack of knowledge the folks at the Muddy Tributary show. They keep telling us that Kids Unlimited and the "Liberty Park neighborhood" are in west Medford. They are not.

Medford Is not divided by I-5 as some incorrectly believe, Medford's east and west sides are divided by the railroad tracks. Main Street divides north and south. Even the original "Vibes Main1/Kids Unlimited" was in east Medford (1 E. Main St.).

It would be nice if the reporters and editors of a newspaper that "strives for accuracy" would get their facts straight. Enough said, I will spend the rest of this Easter Sunday trying to digest the latest issue of the Meatless Taco. — Phil Roberts, Medford

Sir Halford Mackinder of England on geopolitics: Who rules East Europe commands the heartland. Who rules the heartland commands the world island. The world island is Eurasia and Africa. Who rules the world island commands the world.

The newest implementation of this is: Who controls the oil rules the world. Who now controls the oil? The Arabs and South America. The United States is being ruled and ruined by them. — James A. Robinson, Grants Pass

If you witnessed your neighbor beating his or her dog, you'd probably be outraged, horrified and perhaps shocked that someone could do such a hideous thing to a defenseless being. What most people don't know is that animals raised for human consumption are subject to this kind of cruelty and horror on a daily basis.

The footage from the recent recall of the 143 million pounds of animal flesh are just a glimpse into the suffering these animals endure. Pigs, cows, chickens, and ducks feel pain and fear just like your dog or you, for that matter.

Even if it is not your hand that delivers the blow, you participate in this cruelty by consuming meat. Supply and demand — it's that simple. And, in the process of raising animals for human consumption, we destroy our beloved Earth.

A plant-based diet will alleviate the suffering of millions of animals, cut down significantly on global warming, and will be healthier for your own body. Practice compassion towards all beings. Google plant-based diet for more information about switching to a healthier and kinder diet. — Olina St. Onge, Medford

The St. Vincent de Paul Society would like to thank the Free Bird motorcycle club for its 2008 Easter Basket Run. More than 100 Harley-Davidsons arrived in the parking lot of St. Vincent de Paul on the Saturday before Easter. The Easter Bunny hitched a ride with one of the members and was on hand to give out Easter baskets.

More than 130 baskets were given to the grateful and excited children.

A special thanks to Don Martel of John L. Scott Real Estate for organizing the run. And a nod of thanks to the pre-K students at Sacred Heart Elementary School for their donations of additional Easter baskets for the event. — Kathy Morgan, Medford

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