Thank you, Mail Tribune, for bringing Medford's and the surrounding area's increasing gang problems to the public. It has been noticeable for some time, but not acknowledged.

Gang members and their multi-generational family gang ties are not needed, wanted or welcome here! Their negative lifestyles, graffiti, symbols and threats (both open and subtle) detract from the many positives of Medford.

The cost in time, money and other resources affects all of us, not to mention decreasing property values. Who wants to live, work or do business in places frequented with these kinds of people or other criminals?

Thank you law enforcement, the schools and various community organizations working to solve the gang problem. I feel hopeful that these gangs will not take over our community as they have done in so many other places. We all need to be aware of problems before they can be solved. — Ellen Trenholm, Medford

We at First Student (formerly Laidlaw Transit Inc.) would like to recognize an outstanding 4-H student, Greg Talbot. He energetically raised an organically grain-fed pig for us at First Student. Our community service project is Children's Miracle Network at Rogue Valley Medical Center.

Because of Greg's dedication from September 2007 through February 2008 we were able to raise $327 for Children's Miracle Network.

On Feb. 15, we held our drawing. David Underwood at Classic Trolley won the drawing. His reward is 203 pounds of pork meat. — Diane Archer and Lisa Moorehead, Medford

Many drivers in Ashland know the danger of being rear-ended while having to suddenly stop for a pedestrian or have a fear of hitting a pedestrian.

SOU could have a pedestrian safety class mandatory for all new students. The city of Ashland could have advertisements educating the public. Let people know that they are invisible at night. Bicyclists need to follow basic rules of the road. Many of the intersections should forbid right turns on red, especially heavy pedestrian crossings. There are also several dangerous bike path crossings where neither driver nor bicyclist knows who is to stop.

It should be illegal to drive while on a cell phone as it is in most of Europe and the United Kingdom. They acknowledge the danger, we ignore it.

I called SOU to point out a sign which blocked my vision where I collided with an bicyclist in September and nothing has been done so far to remedy the blind spot.

It is dangerous walking and driving through Ashland. Walkways that light up are a good idea and educating the public is a must. — Elise Thiel, Ashland

Since coming out for Senator Obama, I've been asked, "Why?" My response has always been, "Why not?"

Why not want a candidate who gives us hope? Why not be glad that I'm excited about politics for the first time in a very long time? Why not want a man who wants to bring much needed change to a failing political system rather than someone who represents the past? Why not be glad that here is a man who talks of peace instead of how many more troops we can squeeze out of the budget? In other words, why not Barack Obama? — Denise Cyr, Medford

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