The Mail Tribune on Sunday carried a story of a massive landslide near Oakridge on Jan. 19. The slide obliterated 1,500 feet of track and 150 feet more. I quote, "Geologists say they believe the slide started where part of the slope that had been clearcut in 1992 slumped down." Clearing will take at least six more weeks and will cost millions of dollars. Also final costs will include loss of revenue.

I should think the damages would be born by the irresponsible corporation or company who ordered the clearcut, but I doubt if it will even be charged. And I wonder if Union Pacific objected to the clearcut.

It's similar to the tragedy of an America in a war which will be paid down by future generations, the present generation denying responsibility with the selection and re-election of this president and his cronies in the guise of Congress and the Supreme Court.

But the human tragedy goes on and on. Incompetence and greed do win out. — Sidney E. Goldberg, Ashland

In response to your front page article about driver's license restrictions, I have never been able to understand the logic of people who are here illegally. They are not citizens, so how can they demand the rights of citizens?

We have plenty of poor American citizens who are struggling who need the jobs illegals are filling. Let them go back and immigrate the right way as so many others have done. — Shellie Johnson, Hornbrook, Calif.

Can you judge a person by ignoring gender, race and age? We have three senators, one of which will more than likely be the next president of the United States.

Senator A: Became senator by being an ex-president's spouse.

Senator B: Became senator by articulating a message of hope.

Senator C: Became senator by showcasing a military record.

Senator A: The problem is real and as we all know real problems need real solutions.

Senator B: My articulate skills utilized with other nations will make the world safer.

Senator C: My military savvy is necessary in the war against terrorism.

Senator A: Will increase taxes.

Senator B: Will increase taxes.

Senator C: Will decrease taxes.

Now pretend that all three are women. Who would you vote for? Pretend all are nonwhite. Who would you vote for? Pretend all are over 70. Who would you vote for?

Some voters will vote for a woman just to make history. Some voters will never vote for a nonwhite. Some voters will never vote for an old citizen. After the field narrows to two, the choice of running mate will have a great influence on my vote. Thanks for reading and thinking. — Bill Hartley, Medford

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