The Jackson County Commissioners are planning on implementing two ordinances regarding the vesting of Measure 37 approvals. They intend to do this using the emergency clause (why?) and no public input until after the first reading and approval of these ordinances. Does something smell here?

They went to great pains to tell the people who were at the meeting on Wednesday that there wasn't anything in the charter or rules to keep them from doing this. Real democracy, huh? People who attended last Wednesday's meeting were given two nine- to 10-page ordinances that they didn't even have time to read and told they could give their input at the second reading of the ordinance. Is this a little like sitting down to discuss the safety of the chickens after the fox is already in the henhouse?

Come to the commissioner's meeting today at Ashland High School at 9:30 am. The chairman of the board said they were going to give the students a civics lesson. Wonder who they are going to hire to come in and do that, because the way the commissioners are operating is not the example most parents would want their kids to emulate. — Don Rist, Talent

It is difficult to adequately thank the hundreds of people who have done so much for us over the past few months. My husband, Dave Kitchell, felt so loved, especially during his last few weeks. Your care and compassion were overwhelming.

We want to thank Talent and Ashland school staffs, students and parents; the football and basketball teams; the booster club; People's Bank for creating a fund to help with expenses, and all who donated. We feel blessed to live in a community that truly cares for one another, and shows it in so many ways.

Thanks to my family and friends, the speakers at the memorial service and funeral, Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church, and those who purchased ACH Lights for Life in Dave's memory.

Please know that you have touched our lives profoundly. You have lived Dave's mantra, "We all love and care for one another." — Tricia, Brian and MacKenzie Kitchell, Ashland

Federal timber funding has not been the source for funding our libraries. Beginning in the 1980s special levies were passed for operating our libraries.

In 1996 "We the People" approved a library levy for 63 cents per $1,000 assessed property value. Under Measure 50, the library, sheriff's department and county roads department levies were consolidated into one permanent levy.

To gain Measure 50 support, county authorities stated in the voter's pamphlet this consolidation was being done to ensure permanent funding for libraries and public safety. The consolidated levy is $2.0099 per $1,000 dollars assessed property value; 63 cents per $1,000 equates to over $7.8 million intended for libraries.

County attempts to collect additional money have met so much resistance that "they" decided to punish us by closing and placing a tax lien against our libraries to extort more monies. That punishment and extortion attempt failed. "They" reopened the libraries but for fewer hours. "They" then put it in city government's hands to extort additional monies to extend library hours.

It's essential elected officials understand governmental powers provided by "we the people" are not to be used to deceive, manipulate, and/or extort money from "we the people." — Randall Hale, Medford

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