The Mail Tribune's defense of a fair city against an obviously unhappy person was a misuse of press liberty. Her letter did not harm our fair city nor any individual. I attempted to call Jackie to express my sentiment toward this self-serving Mail Tribune editorial, but was unsuccessful. — Bill Hartley, Medford

I am sure many of the people in the valley contribute each year to help our vets as I have over the years. Did you know that the majority are scamming you? Two that I have contributed to are rated by the American Institute of Philanthropy as "Fs" — Disable Veterans Associations and Help Hospitalized Veterans.

Roger Chapin, who is CEO of HHV, receives $400,000 a year, plus about $100,000 for his wife. Not only did they buy an expensive condo but have the audacity to have them pay his $17,000 golf membership each year ... oh, we have meetings. Only 25 cents of a dollar go to vets. Others are worse at only a penny as the CEOs get rich.

If any of you watched, he was an arrogant person in front of the federal panel. I have since cut off donations as there are very few reputable vet charities. — J. Mortensen, Central Point

We have lived on the same small farm in Applegate for 45 years. We have coexisted with coyotes, bears and cougars.

Saturday afternoon, our 30-pound Jack Russell was attacked at 3:30 in the afternoon, not far from the barnyard, by something large enough to get its mouth completely around her neck. It also took a very large bite out of her hip. She is in critical condition at Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center.

Neighbors report "noises in the night" and morning deer carcasses, just over their yard fence. Our adult daughter's family had a young cougar get tangled in the fence beside their house on a day when the yard was filled with pets and small children.

I have a hard time believing that we do not have an increase in cougar numbers. — Nancy Sturm, Applegate

I would like to thank the city of Medford for finally realizing that the three apartment houses on North Ivy Street are "dangerous buildings and a public nuisance."

When it comes to urban blight in Medford, these buildings owned by Joseph Suste top the list in my opinion. It's not only that the structures are in horrible repair and a terrible eyesore to other homeowners in the community, but also that many of the tenants are drug users, traffickers and sex offenders. I think Joseph Suste and B & B properties are slumlords and should be severely fined for repeatedly renting to these types of tenants.

My husband and I live in this area and quit walking down that street last summer because of the terrible smell of rot coming from the buildings, the loose dogs and the tenants that would wander around out front obviously high on drugs.

I hope the city can take this opportunity to change the horrible conditions on that block of Ivy Street that is only a few blocks from both McLoughlin Middle School and Jackson Elementary. — Deanne Sparlin, Medford

As I walk to the newspaper recycling bin, I realize how that effort is a drop on the desert of "global warming."

Even an honest effort by a large industrialized nation such as ours would be futile. What we need is worldwide collaboration to keep, for instance, all the great mercantile port cities from drowning. A geopolitical grand scheme such as our powerful presence in the Middle East oil fields is like kids fighting over a Cheerios box in a burning house.

Our presidential candidates talk about a "change." What we need is a radical change. We should quit squabbling and lead the world to save itself, morally and technologically. We need to spar for time, in which to develop a strategy for survival. It is time to "get real." — Hans H. Stroo, Medford

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