Now that Medford 549C is honoring the $189 million bond's intent regarding Jackson/Roosevelt, it's turning to other projects, including the proposed incomplete South High for $17 million over the bond amount. Wetlands mitigation, sewer, utilities, road upgrades, etc., are causing most of the overage.

Even with the additional funds, the $82 million school will be missing (at least) an auditorium, practice fields and the gym space of old South. The district must therefore continue using old South's facilities for student activities. The district's outrageous plan is to thus split the campus now and ask for more money to finish "Half-a-Flagship High" later.

Also troubling is the impact of a west-side school on the high school boundary. Southeast residents will soon determine that east-side North, with its vast practice fields, auditorium, and Internet café, is preferable to a split or half-finished school further west. East/west, rather than north/south, redistricting is inevitable.

Old South has utility systems and facilities in place, along with better east-side access. The district should not spend $82 million on land development and a partial school, but rather should spend the bond-authorized $65 million on an upgrade/rebuild of South at its present location. That would honor the bond. — Kimberly Wallan, Medford

I feel the headline "Obesity surgery can cure Type 2 diabetes" has done a serious disservice to diabetic education. This article did not point out the following:

1. By the time diabetes is diagnosed, beta cells in the pancreas have already been lost and some damage has been done. Remission does not mean this damage will go away.

2. The article discusses the surgery as being very low risk, but it is not "very low" risk to the one or two persons who die or have a complication.

3. Like any disease, in remission or not, a diabetes diagnosis deserves an ongoing effort at maintaining a healthy lifestyle change, not just a quick fix to make it all go away.

I would love to see my diabetic patients go into remission, but most of them are so obese, and have so many other co-morbidities (diseases like hypertension, heart disease and asthma), I wonder if band surgery is a risk they should take. — Barbara Payne, RN, Grants Pass

We would like to comment on a letter you printed on Jan. 22 from Jerry Hall of Medford. It's nice to know that there is someone with their eyes open, which is uncommon these days.

A few things Hall omitted were:

Bubba Clinton soiled the dignity of his office, lied under oath, and was impeached.

As for his power-hungry wife, she blamed it all (at the time) on a "right-wing conspiracy." To this day, as far as we can tell, she has never apologized to the conservatives for that faux pas.

We haven't decided yet just who we are going to vote for, but we damned sure know who we are not voting for.

Jerry Hall deserves a pat on the back for such a heads-up letter.

People, open your eyes! You surely haven't forgotten! — G.L. Murray, Grants Pass

This is regarding the article on Friday, Jan. 8, about Medford being dysfunctional.

1. I am sorry Jackie suffered for 20 years living in Medford.

2. In 20 years has she done anything to remedy the situation?

3. What makes her think it is different in other places?

Have a safe trip. — Rosie Jenkins, Prospect

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