I can scarcely believe what I read in this letter from "Whitey" from "White City" who incites violence against our Hispanic population, speaking of being "very near a race war" and "when you catch them you should ship them back to that wonderful country they made for themselves called Mexico."

I cannot believe you would print such blatant, violent bigotry, but most importantly, you should apologize to our Hispanic community, and all people who have been victimized by bigotry, for printing this garbage.

There is already a "race war." It is a race war of policy under the innocuous banner of "immigration reform" and millions of Anglos you haven't heard from will stand strong with our friends from Mexico and other countries.

Some of us remember that we were once all immigrants whose families were only legal because there were no immigration laws until the 1920s.

WWJD? Yes, that is exactly what Jesus would do. — Buck Eichler, Medford

Was it just a coincidence that the person who wrote the recent letter about the "race war" coming to White City was named Whitey? — Mike Curtis, Shady Cove

When I read the story about the nursing shortage I became angry and started thinking. The story left out a few other reasons of why there is a shortage in Oregon.

One reason is the State Nursing Board; it has done nothing to improve the employability of the state's 5,000 licensed practical nurses. Other states like California and Washington have a step-up program, Oregon does not.

I bet if the state's LPNs were polled, a third of them would be interested in getting into a program where they could become registered nurses. With the cost of education requirements and raising a family, most LPNs are doing the best they can. The other reason is the RN union; in conjunction with the Nursing Board, the LPNs have no voice. When the think tank was organized and 75 nurses attended, how many were LPNs? Not many, if any.

My wife is an LPN and did not receive any word that such a meeting was taking place. Could this be because the organizers did not want the input from LPNs except those working for Providence or RVMC?

LPNs are working in hospitals all over the country, but here in Oregon there are a very few. Why? — Hugh Fechtler, Rogue River

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