The Omaha World Herald editorial titled "America a work of God's spirit" (Dec. 25) reflects the arrogance of those who claim to be on speaking terms with the ineffable.

The fact is that the Founding Fathers and the framers of our Constitution were not so arrogant; they deliberately chose to separate religion from the political institutions of their religiously neutral and secular state. Of course, colonialists believed in God and formed churches whose ministers arrogantly claimed to channel the voice of the divine. What other position could they take if they wanted people to listen to them and join up?

Tocqueville preferred the situation in early America because he came from a European and British culture where church and state worked in tandem to fasten autocracy on the people. In America, he saw so many different religions, mainly Protestant, that their relative weakness enabled freedom despite their best efforts to use political power for their own purposes.

As for the connection between Puritanism and liberal democracy, no group can properly take credit for an unintended consequence of some of its pronouncements. Most Puritans were as authoritarian and coercive as the papacy.

Hence the founders wisely built a wall separating politics from religion. — Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland

In response to the article Dec. 23, "New law chases illegals out of Arizona": Every state should take this law and implement it in order to crack down on the flow of illegals.

It's a "self-deporting" law. Our unemployment rate will go down; we can give our citizens some jobs back. We are supporting illegals with our tax dollars; we give newborns of illegal mothers U.S. citizenship. If this law works in Arizona, it ought to work nationwide.

If enforced nationwide, we can lower taxes, lower class sizes and improve education. Emergency room lines will get shorter, we may be capable to lower health-care costs and make it possible to provide health insurance to U.S. citizens, as they had to miss out on this life benefit before.

We shell out our hard-earned money to pay for the medical and hospital bills of illegal immigrants. Let's not give these illegals the option to move to another state and have them raise taxes to support their new freeloaders.

Let's be Americans and execute this law as a nation, no exceptions. Think about it the next time your health-care premium goes up or the legislators ask for a tax increase! — Walter Steiner, Central Point

Transferring services from the financially strapped SOHS library to the financially challenged Jackson County Library really makes sense, doesn't it? The combined genealogical records of both SOHS and the public library represent a small fraction of the huge Jackson County records collection housed in the Jackson County Genealogy Library privately owned and operated by the Rogue Valley Genealogical Society. Relieve staff by referring research requests to where they can be professionally handled. — Chuck Eccleston, Medford

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