Regarding "Romney didn't serve" (Dec. 5): How does the writer know Romney didn't serve?

I believe at the time in question, he was serving a two-year mission for his church. Not at all like the unconvicted felon who dodged his draft call in Europe, who later lied under oath while serving as president. All this time his wife was rallying the call for a socialist-type government. Neat couple, huh!

I don't happen to see his name on the Vietnam Memorial. Who took his place? — Jerry R. Hall, Medford

Your story Dec. 15 on toys from China being banned at Goodwill and Salvation Army gave good information to prevent Oregon children from being poisoned by lead.

But it must be OK for Oregon pets to be exposed to high levels of lead in their toys. Also in that day's paper, you offered a story on toys for pets, listing several products available at local stores plus a sidebar on safe pet toys. Nowhere do I see any mention of avoiding pet toys from China.

Surely, toys for kids and pets come from the same sources. And it's not reasonable to think that the pet toys are nontoxic while those for kids are not. Think local and handmade, if possible.

Where were the editors? — Jan Townsend, Medford

For 25 years, the SOU Christmas fair was a social outlet for art and crafts of all kinds. I am saddened this local tradition has ended, but grateful for the opportunity to participate. Being our only showing, it was a social event of community and friends coming together sharing gift creations and life stories.

I want to express sincere thanks to our customers and friends for their support. I remember an older gentleman last year who, mulling over our buttons, finally picked one reading, "I don't have the time to hurry." Laughing, he said his wife was waiting in the car!

I will miss it all and will continue to search for moments of joy, beauty and that one-liner to save the world. — Marie Morehead, Talent

I am wondering why no organizations in the Rogue Valley pick up donations any longer.

It is a problem for those of us who have just regular household goods and clothing (no big furniture) to share with others, but if we don't have a large vehicle or pickup it is difficult to get them there. I'd think if groups like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Gleaners, ARC, Dunn House, Saint Vincent de Paul and Discovery all need items, they'd be willing once again to come and get them so they can sell them and make their money and get their nonprofits together.

I did call every one of these groups and got the same "no" from each one. I finally found out that the wonderful Medford Gospel Mission will come pick up good stuff for both men and women. It would not be fair to give shabby, torn, or dirty items to these dear people to pay to dispose of, but they are gracious to serve the needy men, women and children here in Jackson County so I am pleased to find one organization out of eight who care enough to come get my offerings. Give them a call, with your gratitude! 779-1597. Thanks. — Patti Iverson, Medford

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