For the past three months I have been a part of the "gun issue" here in Medford. Around this entire planet I have been accused of spousal abuse, an accusation that will be a lie until the end of time.

I will always be intrigued about how easy it is for people to take an accusation and run with it like the wind. Never again will I stoop to making snap judgements based on hearsay.

What amazes me the most is almost no one in the media stopped to question the accusations or ask about the other side of the story. No one, that is, except for Bill Meyer of 1440 KMED Radio and the Mail Tribune. I just want to say thank you for your pursuit of the truth and thank you for giving me the chance to defend myself.

The Mail Tribune and Bill Meyer were the only ones that made the effort to be fair and balanced and understood that just because it is spoken loudly does not make it true.

You can label these businesses anything you want, but I will just call them "professionals," and say thank you. — Gerry Katz, Medford

I am writing in regards to the article in Saturday's paper on Nov. 17 about Mitt Romney. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known also as the Mormon Church, and I am very proud of it.

I want to correct The Associated Press and make it very clear that we believe in the Bible and the Book of Mormon equally. We in no way feel the Book of Mormon is superior to the Bible.

The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. They work and teach hand-in-hand. When Mitt Romney gets elected, our country will be a far better and safer country than it is today. — Bonnie Sannar, Medford

I found the recent opinion by Robert Kuttner fairly irritating.

He basically blames our economic woes on "the failure of free market ideology" and concludes by looking to the Federal Reserve and Congress to fix it all. To me, that's like expecting the fox to fix the hole in the chicken fence.

The greatest political challenge facing America is our unconstitutional, corrupt-to-the-core monetary system — The Federal Reserve, a private corporation run by wealthy bankers. This print-up-money-on-demand system is the number one mechanism enabling unnecessary corporate-driven wars and an arrogant, all-powerful government that becomes ever more intrusive and abusive of its citizens.

Only one candidate is addressing these deeper issues: Ron Paul. To vote for any other candidate — Democrat or Republican — is to vote for more of the same.

Unfortunately, the owners of the Federal Reserve also own the media in this country and they have proven very skillful at herding the sheeple their way.

I sincerely hope the Tribune will choose guest editorials with more depth than I have seen so far. — Tom Clunie, Talent

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