I am not nearly as upset about the city's business license fees as I am about the constantly increasing "fees" being added to my water bill.

These "fees" are now totaling about $360 a year and, as "fees," are not deductible on my income tax, as they would be if they were classified as taxes.

When I realize that the owners of some of the $1 million to $3 million homes I see advertised in the real estate section are paying exactly the same "fees" I am, in my $270,000, 50-year-old home, it really makes me upset.

As far as I'm concerned, all the so-called "fees" should be rescinded and the same amounts added to my property taxes. My cost would be exactly the same, but at least they'd be deductible. — Jim and Gwynn Sullivan, Medford

On Nov. 15, I had been shopping at the Albertsons store on North Phoenix Road. Five miles later, I realized I did not have my purse, and I knew I had left it in the basket in the parking lot.

I want to thank the lady who found it for seeing it in the basket and taking it into Albertsons. Albertsons went the extra mile, to make a long-distance phone call to my brother-in-law in Anaheim, Calif., who in turn called my husband.

What a wonderful representation of good people to make sure I would have my purse again. A woman's purse carries a lot of information: driver's license, medical cards, charge cards, checkbook, etc. Luckily, my address book came in handy for that first call. I now will have my home phone number in my purse!

Thank you, wonderful lady and Albertsons. — De Lores Williams, Shady Cove

Does the president not look at himself in the mirror each morning? If so, he must either be totally self-absorbed or totally blind. His arrogant attitude has completely destroyed our country's credibility around the world!

We (the U.S. military) should not be fighting a war in Iraq. We never should have attacked Saddam Hussein or Iraq in the first place. Saddam had not attacked us and his country was not ours to govern, no matter how much we despised him or his way of running Iraq.

Our main objective after Sept. 11, 2001, was to track down, capture or eliminate bin Laden and al-Qaida; end of statement. It was not our place to become the heavy-handed sheriff of the world and attack just about anybody that governed their country differently than we would.

Now, because of this kind of action, thousands of Iraqis and American soldiers are dead or maimed. All of this just to finish up daddy's quest to kill Saddam and free up Iraq's oil to the Western world.

What a mess George has gotten us into! Shame on him! — Allen Stewart, Jacksonville

The child in Eagle Point is only 6, but so are the other first-graders he has threatened.

Last year my grandchild was in Central Point kindergarten; several times a boy pointed his finger at her and said, "Bang, I'm going to kill you." On the playground, three boys attacked her by kicking, punching and pulling her hair.

When this was reported, the school stated that she was at fault because she hugged. However, the school stated they would talk to the boys and, as a result, one child sent a card to say sorry. Still the abuse didn't stop, and she became scared; had stomach aches and cried when going to school.

My daughter decided she would do whatever it took to make her child safe and placed her in a private school. The expense is difficult, but does one need things in life or the smile when a child runs to her classroom because she loves school, is loved there and feels safe? A friend asked her how she liked school, "I love it, they teach me love and compassion and everyone hugs."

Out of the mouth of babes, wisdom is priceless. — Joann Cernick, Central Point

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