This is in response to "Germ warfare" by Sharon Johnson (Nov. 13), Section C.

I confess to not being a previous reader of Sharon Johnson. For all I know, she may be as knowledgeable, respectable and well-intentioned as they come in the field. Having myself been in the food production industry, I too have a healthy respect for germs.

However, it is typical strategy for the majority of her profession to attempt to remove the problem rather than concentrate on preparing the public to wage successful warfare and reach coexistence with the enemy — that of living largely unaffected by those nasty and not-so-nasty ever-present germs.

We humans have a God-given immune system that we can employ such that very few household germs affect us negatively. No big deal! Similar to inoculation against infectious disease, we would be wiser to develop our immune system to deal with non-pathogenic germs so it will be prepared for the pathogenic one when they come along. Don't be paranoid about all those trivialities!

Eat natural, eat clean. Avoid sterile, or you're setting yourself up to be knocked down by even the weaker, otherwise benign bug. — Jim Hubbard, Eagle Point

Robert Kuttner's opinion (Nov. 11) blames the current economic crisis on our imaginary free market. There isn't one product or service that becomes available without going through some federal regulation.

When government totally controls an economy while still allowing private property, it is defined as a fascist economy. FDR adopted the economic system of the World War II dictators Mussolini and Hitler. Every succeeding president advanced it further.

Kuttner credits the Federal Reserve for managing the Great Depression, which he blamed on free-market excesses of the 1920s. Actually, the reverse is true.

The loose monetary policy of the Fed prior to 1929, then suddenly stopping the "boom," resulted in the Depression. Only Ludwig von Mises understood the business cycle enough to predict the bust of 1929. An artificially created "boom" is always followed by a "bust."

Since the Fed can now create money from nothing, there is no connection between money, tangible goods and government economic statistics. The Fed now creates longer and deeper "boom" and "bust" periods than the market would. Lowering interest rates now, to prevent a recession, only delays the necessary correction.

Solution: abolish the Fed, and establish a free market with an honest monetary system. — Ben Stanos, Ashland

As Thanksgiving 2007 passes I want to express my deep, heartfelt gratitude to those who preserve what this great country stands for, freedom. They are the soldier, Marine, airman, sailor, Coast Guardsman, National Guardsman, immigration and customs enforcement, Homeland Security, Department Of Defense, U.S. Marshals, State Police, Highway Patrol, county sheriff, fireman and local policeman. Without their dedicated service to protect our freedoms from evil, we would have nothing.

I am thankful to all of them that I can walk out of my house every day and know that they are protecting my family, friends and me from being shot at, blown up by an IED, kidnapped and beheaded, persecuted for practicing my religion, coerced by tyranny, free to speak my political beliefs without being thrown into prison, free to choose my political party, right to vote, live where I choose, say what I want to say. Without the freedom that they provide we will fall like all the other nations in the past that have crumbled under satanic tyranny.

I want to thank all that currently serve, that served and those that gave their life for what this country stands for, freedom. God bless them and God bless America. — Daniel Farey, Grants Pass

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