Rep. Greg Walden did the right thing when voting no on the Democrats' bloated SCHIP program.

I commend Mr. Walden for having the courage to just say no. Why should you and I have to pay for someone else's health care, children or otherwise? Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

If all the bleeding-heart liberals want to provide health care for every child in America, then get out your checkbook, find a needy family and write the check. I, for one, will be writing a check to Rep. Walden's re-election campaign. — M. Hardage, Medford

In response to Mr. Borecki's Oct. 26 letter, I'm sure that if you asked a sick child with a fever whether or not they would want the means to get better, 9 out of 10 would say that they would rather have a lesson in "fiscal responsibility."

Fever be damned, right? At least that 3-year-old would know how to manage his money. — Kaylie Newell, Medford

I am 91 years old and proud to call myself a lifelong Republican. I write to urge everyone to support the Ashland Youth Activities and Academic Levy, Measure 15-80.

It seems to me that this levy has changed in small and large ways over the years. The constant is its success record. All one has to do is take a look around this town to see that.

Trust me on this one, these children are your future. Please say yes to the YAAL. — Josephine Valyo, Ashland

What is missing from the current dialogue about Measure 49 is recognition of the blatant partisanship displayed in the process.

The Democrat-controlled Legislature crafted a measure that repeals Measure 37 and gives government carte blanche authority to take your property without compensation. In addition, the ballot title is purposely misleading, created by polling instead of the normal preparation by the Attorney General and Supreme Court review.

We the people at a minimum should be suspicious of a measure that was not supported by a single Republican legislator and never received a public hearing.

It is essential that elitism of this magnitude be exposed. The solution to Oregon's land-use problems deserves an open and honest bipartisan approach. — David Boals, Medford

When Oregon instituted land-use policies, it was to preserve farmland. The results were paving over and developing all the best farmland in Oregon.

Where is this farmland? Right where our major cities and where our forefathers settled. Secondary land has been left to lie useless.

The voters passed Measure 7. The state had it declared unconstitutional. The voters then passed Measure 37. The state has done everything in its power to impede implementation.

As to Measure 49, we can be sued by anyone who chooses to contest the claim. The enviros stopped Elk Creek Dam, tied up Mount Ashland expansion and most timber sales.

How is the little guy going to butt heads (litigation) with these groups? It's a well-known fact they oppose all rural development. Did the state purposely put this in the measure to further impede rural landowners? — Ralph O. Wyant, Eagle Point

At a time when perhaps some cemeteries expect vandalism around Halloween, the Central Point Cemetery is actually looking better than ever.

On two Saturdays, Oct. 13 and Oct. 20, hundreds of people from the community descended on the Central Point Cemetery and in a total of six hours cleaned up almost all the 7.5 acres. It looks much better.

A special thanks to 90 Crater High students who spent numerous hours helping with the project. We would also like to thank the Cub and Boy Scouts of various troops, numerous families, some local businesses, several church groups, 4-H groups, cemetery neighbors and the Rotary. Thanks also to the Mail Tribune for running two articles in advance of the cleanup — we had over 150 people each Saturday.

Many willing hands made a huge difference to the look and feel of the cemetery. Thanks again. — Aaron D. Nadauld, Medford, for the Restoration and Beautification Foundation Committee

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