The hit-and-run news media are at it again. Not caring who is harmed.

Congratulations to Sheriff Winters, I appreciate you saying no to the Mail Tribune about them asking for the names of concealed weapon permit holders. Concealed means hidden and the bad guys not knowing who is carrying is a deterrent.

Yeah, the law probably says the permit is public knowledge and they may win out through the courts, but thanks for standing up to the real reason the Tribune wants these names. To sell newspapers and to cast a shadow on a constitutional right to bear arms which they may not agree with.

Hopefully no one's identity will be stolen through this selfish, self-serving request of the newspaper. There may come a day when one of these concealed weapons permit holder saves the life of countless people or, who knows, the chief editor of a newspaper so he can carry on with his right of free speech.

The teacher in question should have just kept her mouth concealed. — R. Marrs, Medford

Room 249, a valued learning site at South Medford High School, is a disaster.

The ceiling, wall and cabinets have water stains in one corner of the room from a recurring roof leak. The red window frames have white paint on them in areas where lead paint chips were scraped off and primed, sort of a modern-art look, and windows have lost exterior putty holding glass in the frames. Heating and air conditioning systems work on occasion, but be prepared for any room temperature. Carpeting has not been replaced in 17 years.

The classroom, designed for 25 students to work in comfortably, holds classes as large as 39. Students leave Room 249 to eat lunch in an extremely crowded cafeteria and travel hallways covered with asbestos tiles. Outdated science classrooms, library, and administrative offices were designed for a much smaller student population.

The district maintenance staff has done an outstanding job of patching and repairing Room 249 and added years of service to a building that is beyond help. We desperately need an extensive remodel — a short-term fix — or a new facility that is designed to safely meet the future academic and athletic needs of 2,000 students. — William Rowan, Medford

Now that hunting season is in full swing, I would like to take a moment to honor the time-tested system of PPPS for locating hunting camps.

PPPS stands for the Paper Plate Positioning System. This system was in place long before GPS was even thought of. I look forward to the sudden appearance of paper plates attached to trees with names and arrows on them. However, I have noticed some variations on the this time-honored system.

Don't use plastic covered plates if you don't use a permanent marker. It's sad to see the names running down the plate like wet mascara.

What's with shoe-box lids, miles and miles of colored plastic tape and paint on rocks? To the rock painters: What if next year you move your camp? Your friends will be going nuts trying to figure out where you really are.

After several years of rock painting I can see hordes of hunters driving aimlessly around looking for your camp. So let's hear it for PPPS. Remember: white plates and black markers. But best of all, they are biodegradable and they will be gone by next season so we won't have your hunting companions wondering where you really are. — John Huey, Butte Falls

The lack of intelligence in Washington, D.C., is absurd.

We gave Congress to the Democrats so they could get something done. So they are trying to fix something that happened 90 years ago in World War I.

Thank goodness our current problems have all been solved! Social Security, Medicare and getting the border patrol agents (who shot a Mexican drug dealer) out of jail.

If they impeach Bush, Cheney will probably send what remains of our military to Iran. If they impeach Cheney, Nancy Pelosi will probably bomb Turkey. It seems like we are between a rock and a hard place looking for a little sanity, and I haven't even mentioned ODOT! — Tom Anderson, Medford

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