Perhaps we should honor the world's greatest mime with a moment of loud noise and the breaking of those false walls. Wouldn't he appreciate that irony? — Patrick Rahm, Medford

Unlike recent letter writers, I see the BLM's Western Oregon Plan Revisions as an opportunity to work with our federal land management partners to craft a plan specifically for southwestern Oregon. Do people know that the Medford District's decision does not need to duplicate that of other districts in the state? Has anyone looked at Alternative 3?

Anyone who's lived through a wildfire here knows that something needs to be done in our forests! Alternative 3 recognizes the longer growing rotations of our region, and specifically disallows "regeneration cuts" as a method of harvesting timber in the Medford District.

Yes, somebody's been listening! For those in the know, this is a huge recognition of our region's drier, mixed-stand forests that just do not regenerate like trees in the coastal and northern regions. There are also recognitions of our higher wildfire hazards here in southwest Oregon, and management practices will address this.

We, as private citizens, have a chance to weigh in on the WOPR until Nov. 9. Go online at www.blm.gov/or/plans/wopr or write to BLM's Western OR Plan Revisions, P.O. Box 2965, Portland, OR 97208. Don't let only the naysayers enter their 2 cents worth! Write — now! — Sandy Shaffer, Applegate

I was awakened at 1 a.m. the other night by the sounds of a man going through the dumpster at my apartment.

At first glance, I thought nothing of it, but after noticing the medical gloves and flashlight, I realized this "bum" wasn't searching for food or pop cans. This man was carefully shuffling through paperwork and putting it his backpack.

I then called the police. I'm told, "An officer is on the way." Well, an officer never arrived. At least not before more rifling, the man riding off on his bicycle and me falling asleep an hour later.

The moral of my story: (1) The police aren't there when you need them, and (2) shred all your paperwork before the trash! — Krista Boyd, Medford

Regarding the three men not getting paid for their labor: If Wal-Mart and CSI can come up with $70,000 to pay for materials ordered by JP'Z Painting, why can't they pay the $12,000-14,000 owed those men for their labor? They worked almost two months to support their families, and no one is coming forward to help. Would one attorney step forward for a little pro bono work? Will Wal-Mart or CSI step up? I have $100 for the first attorney who will take their case. — Bill Prince, Medford

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