While Doug Diehl's letter regarding the teacher who wishes to carry a concealed firearm on school campus was well written, it is completely off base.

There is no "loophole" in the law as Mr. Diehl and the Mail Tribune editorial staff claim. That portion of the law is specifically in place so that those with concealed carry licenses may carry their firearms when picking up or dropping off their children, while handling administrative business within the school, or, yes, while teaching, without having to leave their firearm at home or in their vehicle.

Furthermore, his claim that carrying a firearm "flouts" school district policy is a blatant misrepresentation of the facts. The school district policy directly contradicts Oregon law, and there is no basis for the district's restrictions other than emotional, rather than factual, arguments. The school district's rule against firearms is akin to driving the posted speed limit on Interstate 5, only to be ticketed for speeding because that particular jurisdiction didn't agree with the state's limit and decided to impose their own set of rules.

"Rational thinking and common sense," as Mr. Diehl put it, appear to be lacking in his argument. — Jason Salfen, Jacksonville

Measure 49 is 22 pages (single spaced) of new law piled on the backs of the small farmers. The measure will not protect farm land. It will result in acres of rocky scab land included in irrigation districts being "protected" as "high-value".

With the administrative procedures in place the small landowner will never get permission to build up to three houses. The land appraisers and attorneys will thrive. This lets the legislators off the hook of having to deal with honest land-use planning (They have cut financing for the "Oregon Big Look" commission.) If you planted grapes, forget ever putting a house on that land. Read the fine print, folks, it is really scary what is planned for landowners in Oregon.

If they really wanted to limit large developments, why did they not limit this measure to dealing with that rather than hurting all landowners?

This amounts to a taking of all landowner rights and we need to stop it, folks!

The small family farmer who could develop land that is not farmable would not keep going broke and could farm the good land. — Ed Vaughn, Central Point

The Medford Market cooperative is about so much more than food. It is about community. It is about people coming together to satisfy a need by pooling their resources. It is about shared ownership and benefits to the community, rather than big business that enriches the few at the top.

October is National Co-op Month. Let's give Medford a reason to celebrate. Now is the time to invest in our local community food coop in help ensure that it will come to fruition. Contact medfordmarket.org or 541-944-2667 for more information about how to become an owner and provide a much needed loan. — L. Winslow, Central Point

Employees of an organization should be recognized for their dedication/longtime service and outstanding performance. As a director of Rogue Valley Transportation District I would like to extend my deep, heartfelt, personal gratitude to one such employee, Mr. Charles Siekert. All those that have ridden Route 30 knew him as Chuck; a very friendly, lively and charming driver. After many years of dedicated service he retired the first part of August.

I would also like to personally thank former Director Edwin Chapman for his 25 years of service. As director he made many friends and influenced a great deal of those associated with the district. Having served for many years there are also those that he offended. Chapman should be recognized for his dedication to local transportation; there is no other former director that attends our meetings with such frequency. — Rick Schreffler, Jacksonville

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