Measure 49 enables Oregon voters to preserve from Measure 37 what they voted for, i.e., the property rights of the little old lady who wanted to build a house on land she owned before Senate Bill 100 prevented her from doing so.

Measure 49 prevents the destruction of the Oregon we know by stopping commercial exploitation of rural lands owned by large corporations. Measure 49 prevents large housing tracts from blighting rural hillsides and valleys.

Measure 49 upholds what the voters thought they were getting with Measure 37. In the coming weeks those who want Oregon to be like California and who want unbridled development in rural Oregon will try to have us believe that all of Measure 37 is being thrown out by Measure 49. It isn't.

Measure 49 keeps the best of Measure 37 and throws out the worst. — Brent Thompson, Ashland

This is in response to Susan Gray's letter Sept. 17, "Address other inequalities".

She is absolutely correct that gays and lesbians shouldn't receive "special" rights around health care, especially if siblings who live together can't have that right either. I, therefore, believe as she does that everyone deserves to have the "basic" (not special) right to quality medical care such as the Canadians. That is called "universal health care."

However, I digress from her original point of gays and lesbians wanting "special" rights around health care. Let's all take a huge step backward and put into law that even legally married couples shouldn't have those "special" rights either. Hey, even better, let's remove all rights for all people and finally call it "equality." — Patty Medeiros, Talent

First we didn't have enough money to keep our libraries open. Now we do, but only at reduced operating hours and only if we replace the former library staff with "out-sourced" contract employees.

The proposed new library staff would work for an out-of-state contractor, would be non-union, and would receive reduced (if any) health insurance, retirement, and the other "benefits" that add up to a decent living standard.

Before we do that, let's see if there's a corporation somewhere (else) that can take over the entire administration of our county government. Just replace all county employees with who-ever is willing to do the job for the lowest wage, and without benefits. And, start with the "administrator" who cooked up this scheme in the first place. — Bruce Barnes, Ashland

Why are our Democratic governor and his cohorts ignoring voters' support of measure 37? Oregon courts ruled it constitutional.

George Orwell's book, Animal Farm, fits them perfectly. Lowly voters just don't understand what they voted for. Mister Pig and his cohorts know best, making a mockery and serfs of taxpayers.

Not one Oregon Republican senator or Oregon House member voted for Measure 49. They had the facts! Doesn't this tell you something is wrong?

Voters, get the facts! Measure 49 is a trap! In my opinion, ads favoring Measure 49 sound too good to be true. Haven't you heard this old statement before?

Let history open minds not to be led down destructive ruts past civilizations suffered. Please vote one more time to protect our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our way of life.

Don't let Orwell's Mister Pig and cohorts fool you. Vote no on measure 49. — Lyle Woodcock. Grants Pass

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