Just as the Mail Tribune states in its Aug. 26 editorial that anti-tax forces "sold the lie" that schools had plenty of money, Tim Reuwsaat's Aug. 26 guest opinion endeavors to "sell the lie" that the BLM's Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR) will move us toward recovery of the threatened and endangered species. Hogwash!

  • WOPR increases logging, including clear-cutting of old-growth forests.
  • WOPR removes the BLM from the framework of the Northwest Forest Plan by eliminating late-successional reserves and protections for late-successional species and reduces protections for streams and aquatic habitats.
  • The real reason for the revisions is that they are a result of a settlement agreement between the Bush administration and the American Forests Resources Council (a timber industry group).
  • Regardless of the BLM's claim that WOPR aims to protect threatened and endangered species, the O&C Act is nevertheless in direct conflict with the federal Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act. Logging can and does take away the habitat of the species, and it (1) dramatically increases (and "shifts" to an earlier time in the year) the annual high stream discharge (i.e., the "peak flow"), and (2) Diminishes the "baseflow" from watersheds. — Fred Fleetwood, Trail

I am a service-connected disabled veteran who received a citation in mid-August. The citation noted "garbage, furniture and wooden pallets," clean up by Sept. 1.

I called Lissa Davis; right off the bat she told me it was amended to 60 days. She offered help in finding someone to help me clean up. I just received a phone call from her, letting me know that she was still looking for the help I need. She related some of the feedback from the Aug. 23 article. The feedback was very critical of the perceived way Mr. Nutting has been treated.

I wonder if our neighbors really care about the situation they are complaining about or are just out to hurt us through the system. If they cared about the situation I would think they would offer some sort of assistance. If it is to hurt, then shame on them.

The accumulation builds over the years when you are flat on your back. When you finally get up and are no longer physically or financially able to finish your projects or clean up the mess, where are the "do-gooders" when you need them? If you care, please call Ms. Davis' office. — J. Hicks, Jacksonville

We want to express our deepest gratitude for the efficiency of Fire District 3 as well as the Medford Fire Department as they battled a two-home fire at The Meadows in Central Point on Aug. 11. It's amazing that they were able to contain the fire as they did considering how close the homes are in our development and how dry the conditions were.

Their expertise resulted in salvaging and saving so many things, including our cat who was hiding under a bed in the room that was burning Special thanks to the two who rescued her.

The personal assistance given by one of the battalion chiefs was a demonstration of caring professionalism.

We certainly have a new appreciation of what firefighters do and are deeply grateful to each who was involved.

Here's a standing ovation to our local fire departments! — Larry and Donna Tusow, Central Point

Today in America it is sad to see corporate America outsourcing to foreign countries when there are plenty of workers here in the USA, willing to work at home and do customer service at a reasonable rate.

What happened to, "America for Americans?" The Rogue Valley is losing jobs to India, the Philippines, Canada and other countries. It is a sad day indeed. — Griselda Lopez Marney, White City

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