Don Wertheimer's letter "Take action on Darfur" (Aug. 27) is correct, except Rwanda's genocide actually occurred in 1994, two years earlier than implied in the letter. My own two letters alluding to the Rwandan genocide and other massacres are both archived in the April 24, 2004 Mail Tribune (Victims were unarmed) and the Friday, Aug. 17, 2007 Ashland Daily Tidings (Our freedoms are not free). They can be read online at www.mailtribune.com and www.dailytidings.com, respectively. — James A. Farmer, Ashland

As strong supporters of public libraries, we understand that the citizens of the county face a difficult decision. But we are also supporters of our professional workers and their well-earned right to a decent living.

Regrettably, we say "no" to a "public" library based on labor exploited for private profit. To so casually toss to one side the professional librarians and other qualified workers who make the library accessible to us all is shockingly mean and petty. Whatever "message" the county commissioners heard, it cannot be that the Jackson County citizens want such a sorry excuse for a so-called "public" library, and even that open only half the time. It is no solution to the problem.

The commissioners' "deal" is just another form of "union busting" and privatization; it is just another attack on the basic notion that we are a society, a community, and that we must support all of our public goods in a fair manner, that is, by fair taxes proportionate to our incomes. We oppose this non-solution. — Ragan and Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland

Thanks for printing Kathleen Parker's commentary titled "Oh, Allah, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz?" in the Aug. 17 Mail Tribune.

This article is a heartbreaking reminder for all Christians to keep proclaiming that our John 3:16 God is completely different from the Muslim moon god (with a little "g"), Allah. — Susan Potts, Grants Pass

Senior citizens in both political parties received a scare-tactic letter this week terrifying them about cuts to the Medicare Program known as Medicare Advantage.

Oregon's Wyden, Smith, DeFazio, Hooley and Blumenauer support HR 3162. The author does not support the bill, resorting to mass mailings filled with misinformation.

HR 3162 lowers payments to private companies such as Humana Inc., Prudential and United Health Inc., who profit from the Medicare Advantage programs sold to seniors. Private companies pushed through larger payments when the Republicans controlled Congress. Insurance lobbyists are desperately working to kill HR 3162 even though independent advisory groups told Congress the Medicare Advantage program increases the spend rate of Medicare dollars much too fast.

It's fiscally responsible to give less money to private insurance companies and save $157 billion for seniors and children of the working poor. The author of the letter received over $100,000 in political contributions from health professionals, hospitals, HMOs and pharmaceutical companies in his 2006 campaign. The author stoops low to kill a good bill supported by all members of the Oregon Congressional delegation? You can visit the letter's author, Rep. Greg Walden, behind the woodshed to discuss the crisis in health care. — Paulie Brading, Medford

Dick Cheney is probably the biggest single threat to world peace at this time. The man is a total lunatic who really should be in a rubber cell somewhere — maybe Guantanamo would be a good spot for him. Meanwhile, impeach this nut before he gets a lot more people killed than he already has. — Jack Ashcraft, Medford

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