I don't think we are trying very hard to improve our fuel consumption.

We had a VW diesel Rabbit about 1980 and my wife and I drove it from Newport, Ore. to Fairbanks, Alaska. We had a small tent, two sleeping bags, enough food for three days, six gallons of extra diesel and two spare tires mounted on wheels and we got about 50 miles to the gallon.

This car was very comfortable to drive and you could drive all day long and not get tired. Our only expense for the car was fuel. — Floyd Green, Central Point

The only difference between today's liberals and yesteryear's liberals is that today's liberals don't have a 100 percent monopoly on the mass media.

Currently, they're trying to regain their former monopoly by imposing what they glibly call the "Fairness Doctrine." This effort proves something that I learned 40 years ago as a college student: Liberals love freedom of speech as long as it protects their speech, and their speech only. — Ron Smith, Medford

As a longtime Nature Conservancy supporter I'm angry about our governor's outright lying in a political broadside mailed out by the Audubon Society of Portland. I quote: "About two years ago, Oregon voters passed Measure 37, which was supposed to help small landowners build a few houses on their land." Measure 37's passage was Oregon voters telling their state government that LCDC had arbitrarily reclassified their land usage and that it was time to allow either compensation for financial loss or original usage in one way or another.

Measure 37 is flawed and needs refinement, no doubt about it, but let's do it sensibly, not with Teddy's scare-the-children tactics. May I recommend we all read Measure 49 very carefully, and if we find any "loopholes" or "flawed language" (governor's words) in it, we vote it down. If not, go for it. — Bain H. Kittle, Phoenix

If there is a bigger snob than David Broder I would have no idea who it could be. Mr. Broder is all up in arms about the common rabble having too much to say about issues like immigration and so-called "free trade."

Thank God there are populists like Lou Dobbs to keep the crooked politicians in line, otherwise there would be no country left to protect!

David Broder pats Harry Reid on the back for producing 33 Democrats to close debate on the shamnesty immigration bill. David Broder conveniently fails to mention the fact that the immigration bill was negotiated behind closed doors in the middle of the night.

The authors of the bill weren't even done writing the bill when it was reintroduced to the floor of the Senate!

David Broder would have you believe that politicians like Harry Reid are brave and courageous when they do the bidding of agribusiness and Bill Gates.

This is one proud American who is sick and tired of being talked down to by the likes of David Broder. The Mail Tribune should cancel his column. Mr. Broder can go wag his finger at someone else. — Joe Thomas, Brookings

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