Letters to the Editor

I escaped from California for Oregon's natural beauty, and darn it, it seems that the damn developers followed me here to destroy all of it.

Keep Oregon green and natural. Stop Bernie and the Table Rocks' desecration from proceeding. The last thing we need in our view of the Table Rocks is an [expletive deleted] resort, or another one screwing up the view from Interstate 5. — Wil Scarrow, Gold Hill

Almost daily during the days of the county fair we read front page stories of how young people raise and care for their animals in order to display them before selling them off. They say they learn from the experience, they learn responsibility and how to say goodbye to the animal under their care.

But the underlying lesson is that you learn to create trust and a bond with a sentient creature and then sell it off to a horrible fate in the Dante's hell of a slaughterhouse.

We teach our children to betray a trust for a few bucks. The experience desensitizes the mind and blunts the emotions, creating a person well-suited for a society that exploits other people and all of nature. Great lesson. — Ragan Cavanaugh, Ashland

Several years ago I suggested we keep the main library in Medford open, while combining the outlying libraries into expanded public school libraries and allowing the public to use those school libraries. That would have maintained library access, while saving the taxpayers a bundle.

To save even more, we need to discontinue maintaining banks of computers in the library system, which eliminates the need to employ IT specialists. Internet-capable used computers are a dime a dozen now, and there are many other means to access computers if a person needs to use one.

The other outrageous waste was the use of vans and employees to ferry books around to the various branches as people requested them. Instead, set up a system by which books are mailed to the requestor, and then returned by mail or to the available library. Once set up this way, sell most of the vans and sell the remaining libraries after the schools absorb them, keeping the proceeds to help run this more austere system. — Carl F. Worden, Eagle Point

Dear King George: Up until your commuting of the Libby sentence, I had some respect for you as the president of the United States. That respect has ended.

You promised to find and prosecute to "the fullest extent of the law" the person who leaked the identity of a CIA agent. That person was found, convicted and sentenced for lying under oath about the crime. His reward was a get-out-of-jail card from the president. Your claim that the sentence was "excessive" is ludicrous.

You took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, yet continue to violate the Constitution on a continuing basis. The citizens of the United States, and the world, would be better off if you would resign your presidency. And do us a favor by taking that puppet of the oil industry with you. The world will be celebrating when you receive your White House eviction notice in about 550 days.

By the way, a registered Democrat thanks you for November 2006 and thanks you in advance for November 2008. — R. Williamson, Jacksonville

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