Letters to the Editor

It is a shame that one person with money and an idea can ruin another's livelihood. Duane Smith's Disneyesque "little village" on Highway 99 near the north Ashland interchange is just another California-style tourist stop that nobody needs!

I agree with Dan Claflin — his business occupied one of the last major intersections in our county that still looked like the good old days! That was comforting — not anymore.

Thanks, Dan, for all of the good sandwiches and the biscuits and gravy over the eight to nine years that I stopped at your store. I wish you all good luck in your other store in Grants Pass. Hopefully Grants Pass will not change to California tourism quite as fast as Ashland.

I moved here from California in 1993 to get away from it and live an Oregon life — a simpler, older style of life. Now it's going away, a piece at a time! — Allen Stewart, Jacksonville

This letter is from all of the Robert J. Pfaff families with special thanks to Don Dunn, Carey Qualls and Mark Brendle for the beautiful flowers planted and placing flags around the "Memorial Rock" of Robert's in the park, and for the great work they are doing to all the parks in Central Point. I am also informed that Jed Miller and Randy Brewer are working in the Parks Department, so many thanks to you.

Thanks again from all my family and me. — Libby K. Pfaff, Central Point.

The Growers and Crafters Market held at the Medford Armory parking lot appears to be quite successful, as evidenced by the crowds and many vendors. There is a potential safety issue that should be addressed.

The parking lot is not paved adequately, as there are gravel and rocks everywhere and uneven surfaces. For the folks who are disabled, using walkers, canes and wheelchairs, this is an obstacle course. The risk of injuries related to falls and other mishaps is very real.

For the safety of the public, the surface of the parking lot should be repaired. — Terry Waters, Medford

The events of July 6 have compelled me to reluctantly write this letter. There is not enough parking for sold-out events at the Britt Festivals in Jacksonville.

For the recent Alison Krauss and Union Station concert, we drove the streets searching for a parking place. The net result was my wife and I came home. Subsequently, we are out our admission fee. Inscribed on each ticket are, first, a county tax, and second, a city tax.

After a little research I understand this is not the first time this has happened. This leads me to believe the city of Jacksonville is indifferent to the problem. Don't the two deducted taxes qualify Jacksonville for an improvement?

The consequence of this is that I am withdrawing my support of the Britt Festivals. Some of my friends have declared their dissatisfaction, too. — Roland L. Rust, Grants Pass

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