War in Iraq, at the expense of a nation — ours.

Our president and his administration are waging war against Iraq instead of chasing down Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorists. (By the way, bin Laden and his terrorists were the enemy as of Sept. 11, 2001 — not Saddam and Iraq.)

Now that billions of our tax dollars and lives of our soldiers have been spent to fight the wrong foe, we Americans are struggling more and more each day with shortages of tax money to support our own country. States, counties and cities are unable to fund police, fire, safety, schools, libraries and social programs for our own country.

Our country is suffering more and more each day we have to fight this war in Iraq. Our soldiers need to come home now and our government needs to spend our tax dollars in America! — Allen Stewart, Jacksonville

A lot of attention has been paid to an independence movement in Kosovo lately, though many people have forgotten how we got where we are today.

Albanian nationals, driven by exploding populations fueled by religious convictions that forbid family planning, had been moving into the Serbian province of Kosovo for years. Finally, concerned the demographic shift was destabilizing the region, Serbia moved to expel the illegal Albanians.

But their timing was bad; American President Bill Clinton was frantically looking for a way to get Monica Lewinsky's picture off the front pages of the newspapers, and he hit upon the idea of convincing NATO to intervene in Kosovo. They neutralized the Serbian forces with an air attack, then U.N. peacekeepers moved in to assure Albanians would be able to continue to settle there.

Recently, President Bush, desperate to get headlines of the Iraq war off the front pages of the newspapers, went to Albania to express his support for an independent Kosovo.

So to all the folks out there who think that giving 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship in the United States is a good idea, I say this: Get ready to say goodbye to California. — Robert Bennett, Grants Pass

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