I had a terrible dream the other night. Unbelievable to even think about in an advanced society such as ours: All the public libraries for miles and miles around were closed.

I drove from one community library to another. The doors were locked. Behind those doors, row after row of shelves filled with mystery and wonder were being held hostage.

Then the ghost of a long-dead philanthropist appeared. It was Andrew Carnegie. His face reflected disbelief as he asked, "Why don't you want libraries?"

When I tried to answer that we do indeed want our libraries, he seemed not to hear. Again and again he asked, "Why don't you want libraries?" as my shouted responses fell short of his hearing.

Then I awoke. Thank heavens it was only a dream. Or was it? — Joe King, Central Point

This arrogant, self-serving criminal needs to be stopped before it's too late. If he is not part of the executive branch, than the executive privilege which shielded his secret energy policy meetings is void and those meetings should be brought out to the light of day.

But his crimes extend far beyond those meetings. He was probably responsible for the outing of a CIA agent in retaliation for Ambassador Wilson's refusal to support the White House lies about Niger yellowcake.

He was probably instrumental in the firing of the U.S. attorneys who would not pander to the White House agenda. He definitely lied to Congress and the American people about WMDs in Iraq and the connection between Saddam and al-Qaida.

This man is so willing to trash the Constitution and twist the concept of patriotism for his own un-American agenda — it is disgusting. Impeach Cheney now! — Tony Askins, Eagle Point

Recently I heard a man in his 70s exclaim, "There isn't a dime's worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans."

Finally somebody is being morally and intellectually honest for a change. The "Democrats bad, Republicans good" line is clearly faulty and distorted! In reality it's "collectivists (socialists) bad versus individuals good."

Yes indeed, there exist collectivist Republicans as well as collectivist Democrats. After all, we didn't inherit all these damnable, vile nanny-state laws from one party, did we? Americans are the victims of massive "bipartisanship." And this corrupt two-party mentality is destroying our constitutional republic and national sovereignty.

Case in point: NAFTA and the North American Union. Both political parties are complicit in treason, treachery and sell-out in supporting this NAFTA superhighway merging Mexico, the United States and Canada.

More can be learned about the NAU via my own Thursday, May 31 letter in the Ashland Daily Tidings titled, "Sound the alarm, America is at risk." To read the letter simply access www.dailytidings.com and click on "archive." The Constitution Party (www.constitutionpartyoregon.net) rightly opposes NAFTA and the NAU. — James A. Farmer, Ashland

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