The definition of politics should be the ability of all parties to use intelligent compromise involving important issues. For example, 15 libraries in Jackson County.

We have just witnessed weeks of doom and gloom tactics if our libraries close and how could we forsake our children and elderly? Imagine how much money was spent on lawn signs, never-ending TV commercials and telephone survey takers.

On the other side of the coin, Mr. Rist spent his own money in an effort to suggest 15 libraries might be a bit excessive and perhaps fewer libraries might be the solution or at least a reduced amount of property tax for libraries.

Now, out of the post-election dust, we have a statement from City Councilman Al Densmore saying it was time for a discussion of all stakeholders in the libraries including the educational community. If a solution is now found where moderation might prevail, then I say "thanks, Mr. Rist and Jackson County voters, for a chance of intelligent compromise." — Mike Parsons, Medford

About the library levy: I planned to vote "yes" until I researched library salaries.

Here it is: current executive director Ted Stark — about $74,000 a year. Former executive director Ronnie Budge made $94,000 a year. They had about 90 full-time employees. These salaries would keep some libraries open, wouldn't they!

The RSVP Program, with about 1,000 volunteers, offered volunteers to open the libraries, but no response from commissioners. Hmmmm! Do they really want to open the libraries, or did they want that money?

Voters refused new taxes; they are paying enough.

I don't believe the county's short without the timber funds. We have had a population explosion here; we see many new houses — added property taxes. Bet this added tax base is way more than those missing timber funds — c'mon.

Voters had no say in Shady Cove. City government added $15 a month for public safety. Needed — ballot measures requiring a vote for any new taxes, fees, new jobs or salary raises.

Check the county books; how many employees, salaries, and where tax money is going. Share this info via the media. Some people think that the green stuff on tree branches is money!

Finally, volunteer! Or, pay more taxes! — Scarlett Miles, Eagle Point

Okay, I can't keep my mouth shut any longer (always a stretch for me anyway!).

Some people here in Jackson County are whining and crying about the loss of libraries — when our neighbors in Josephine and other counties are suffering a loss of police and the freedom of a majority of local inmates! I mean, sure, libraries are lovely, but I for one would feel much safer in a community without a library than in one without police, and where crime is the law.

Josephine County has much more reason to cry than we in Jackson County do. Besides, they built this gorgeous Medford library without being able to fund it in the future. I could go put a nice new 46-inch TV on credit. When I lost it due to lack of ability to pay, it would be my own darn fault, and I'd have nobody to blame but myself. So I don't go put a TV on credit; I enjoy the one I currently own.

Libraries a county can survive without, but police? God help the innocent ones in Josephine County! — Mary Skoglie, Medford

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