Your May 7 front-page story "Put on that sunscreen — yes, in rainy Oregon" shows how we cling to an established idea regardless of contrary evidence. I saw it also in Washington; an editor trying to explain their high rate of melanoma without asking "Does sun really cause melanoma?"

The answer is "no." Research is available. Probably sunshine protects against melanoma, which is why rainy states have higher rates. Sun only causes lesser, easily treated cancers. Sunscreens do not prevent them.

To research "Honest Nutrition," I had to question many longtime beliefs, which is why I never use sunscreen, quit taking aspirin, don't get flu shots, don't want low cholesterol, use no prescription drugs, eat lots of eggs, take five times the RDA of vitamin D, question health news from all sources, and am in perfect health in my eighth decade. — Ira Edwards, Medford

This may ruffle a few feathers as I know there is large opposition to migrant farm workers. Our agriculture industry lacks competent and willing people to harvest our crops. This was well portrayed in the recent article about Seven Oaks Farm not having help in the strawberry harvest.

This farm has been a mainstay in our community. I was helpful when they first planted a quarter acre of berries as an FFA project; this has since blossomed into one of the finest fresh produce stands in the valley.

Solution: The people who stand on the corners ("will work for food") should go to the local farms. They'll make more than a few quarters. Years ago, kids would do farm work; today, few are willing. During the Depression, your grandparents came to work the fields in California and the orchards in Oregon and Washington.

We need to preserve some of our good land for agriculture, not wall-to-wall houses. We need workers to harvest our crops. Locally grown is always best. — W.J. Mortensen, Central Point

I am alarmed that President Bush is replacing himself as a "war czar." I thought us to be a democracy; now I see that we are simply a dictatorship (under a czar), as was, until recently, the USSR!

Well! That makes it simpler to go on conquering the rest of the world in good conscience! I fervently hope our "czar" doesn't end up killing too many more people. Who will be left to make all our consumer goods?

Go Bush/Cheney! Rah! Rah! Rah! Put our "democracy" billboard on display for all the peoples to bow down to! — Duane Sample, Jacksonville

Who among the library waste zealots is now responsible for cleaning up their sign litter? Another taxpayer hit? — Morgan Paull, Ashland

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